Road trips
Road trips
If you’re wanting to explore the real New Zealand, it’s hard to beat a good roadie. Whether you're following one of the 10 themed highways, taking a tiki tour or tackling the epic journey from Cape Reinga to Bluff, adventure is to be found around pretty much every corner (or hairpin bend).

The spectacular road trip full of hidden gems


The forgotten tourist highway full of hidden gems

State Highway 35 weaves through a long-lost slice of New Zealand, where kids play on horses instead of cellphones and beaches lie empty.

Road trips

Reflections of a campervan virgin

Everywhere I went I met people who were open, hospitable, friendly and enjoying themselves and our country.


One vehicle, 40,000km: How to do Australia's 'Big Lap'

How do you spend a year travelling Australia in a small campervan with your family? Here's a step-by-step guide from one woman who did just that.

Road trips

One of the world's most famous road trips is in peril like never before

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Explore our nation's past and natural wonders in a day at Waiuku

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'We don't have to work as much': The family on an endless road trip

Trading a house and stable jobs for a nomadic lifestyle has given the Helms unprecedented time and freedom. But it's not all fun on four wheels.

Road trips

The Kiwi families who've fallen for campervanning during the pandemic

Lisa Boltman used to see touring the country by camper as overpriced and touristy. One eight-day trip around the South Island and she's a convert.

Road trips

Freedom camping laws need reform but foreign tourists aren't the only villains

OPINION: Now is the time to reform the rules for travellers who park up and camp in public spaces. But don't blame freedom campers for all the problems in a community.

West Coast

Ghost towns and shipwrecks: Why every Kiwi should tour the West Coast

When it comes to heritage, the West Coast has plenty of iconic hot spots and hidden gems that await discovery.


Fast times in sleepy Kāwhia: Time to appreciate a slower pace of life

There are certain places in New Zealand that exude a sense of peaceful unhurriedness, where the pace is at least three notches down from our bigger cities.


Waiheke Island: How to travel in style when vineyard-hopping

This classic car tour showcases the best of the island.

Road trips

Highlights of the Great Alpine Highway

They say it’s the journey not the destination, so with that in mind, we set off in the campervan.

Road trips

A soak and two boats: A three-day South Island adventure

Taking an epic roadie from Queenstown to Milford Sound.