'No, I'm Beauden Barrett': Young fans argue over which Barrett they are

There can only be one Beauden Barrett in this family.

Two young rugby fans, engaged in a heated debate over which Barrett brother they were.

Older brother Jonty McLean, 7, was calling the shots. He was Jordie, the baby was Beauden, and little Oscar, who will be 3 in February, was Scott.

But Oscar wasn't happy. "No, I'm Beauden Barrett," he told Jonty.

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"No you're Scott Barrett, I'm Jordie Barrett, you're Scott Barrett, and Bodie is Beauden Barrett. OK? Got that? Gosh." the older sibling explained.

For a moment it seemed he had prevailed. Then Oscar took a deep breath, looked sideways at his big brother, and with impeccable timing got the last word: "I'm Beauden Barrett", he said.

Dad Kyle McLean said the conversation took place at their Bay of Plenty home before dinner recently – although being boys some food had already been eaten.

The Bodie referred to in the conversation is the youngest of the trio of boys, and at just eight months was being put to bed by mum Janna McLean as the discussion unfolded.

There can only be one Beauden Barrett in this family.
There can only be one Beauden Barrett in this family.

​Bodie is not named after the All Black star, but the boys do have a connection to the national team. Their great grandfather was Jack McLean who played several games for the All Blacks in the late 1940s. He switched to league in the 1950s and played for the then-Bradford Northern club in England, where he was a prolific try-scorer.

Kyle said the conversation about who was which Barrett brother was related to a set of All Blacks cards Jonty had collected.

And Jonty's view of which McLean brother was which Barrett brother was purely due to name association. Jonty was Jordie because their names both start with J, Bodie was Beauden – who is also sometimes called Beaudy – because their names sounded the same, which just left Scott for Oscar to be.

"I thought this is funny, and just started filming it. I had my phone there," Kyle said. "Then I saw the punchline at the end, Oscar getting the last word, and we just started cracking up laughing."

The video even made the man himself laugh.
The video even made the man himself laugh.

He shared the footage with members of his family, and was prevailed upon to post it on a public Facebook site. That post had 94,000 views by early Tuesday.

"I think what most people have connected with is that whole sibling rivalry," Kyle said.

The boys were good mates and Oscar stood his ground. "He also has a pretty wicked sense of humour." Jonty was "a good little role model" for the younger boys.

The video has also been shared by The Rugby Roundup, with nearly 26,000 views on Instagram by mid-morning Tuesday.

The man himself, Beauden Barrett, had a laugh over the clip, sharing it to his temporary Instagram stories on Sunday.