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At my place: Beauty blogger Annalee Muggeridge's chic home (Gallery)

YouTuber Annalee Muggeridge describes her New Plymouth home as "fresh, contemporary and chic".

Beauty vlogger Annalee Muggeridge lives in a "fresh, contemporary and chic" home in New Plymouth, Taranaki with her fiance, Trent, a flatmate and her beloved dog, Peters. 

The Taranaki-based makeup artist, who started her career by accident, rose to fame by posting makeup tutorials online and has now amassed a following of over 112,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than 35,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram

"I like to think we have created a home of stylish comfort," Muggeridge said.

Muggeride has created a chic gallery wall in her makeup room.

"We work at least six days a week so coming home to relax is super important to us."

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Melbourne-based artist Kelly Thompson
Lifestyle blogger Simone Anderson


Describe your style in three words?

Fresh, contemporary and chic.

Describe your house in two sentences?

I like to think we have created a home of stylish comfort. We work at least six days a week so coming home to relax is super important to us. 


Where is your home and who lives there with you?

I'm based in New Plymouth, Taranaki where I live with my fiance and our flatmate.

Muggeridge's favourite room in the house is her makeup room: "It's my little sanctuary I get to escape away to."

What is your favourite room/area in the house and why?

Most definitely my makeup room. It's my little sanctuary I get to escape away to. I've styled to my exact taste where I feel so inspired everytime I walk into it. 

What is your proudest DIY moment?

A chic vignette in Muggeridge's makeup room.

Well, I think I could classify building a new home as DIY, as my partner and I are doing it all on our own - well technically Trent (my partner) is, he's the builder. This is our third build now.  

What is the best kept secret about the area you live in?

I don't think its much of a secret, but we get incredible views of Mount Taranaki from our home and then take a drive two minutes down the road to see some of the best sunsets you've ever seen down by Back Beach. 

What is the best money you have ever spent on the house?

Since the cold weather has kicked in and we only have single glazing in the home, our towels would take ages to dry. So Trent installed a heated towel rail. You truly appreciate it on a cold winter's morning, that's for sure.

What is your favourite way of entertaining?

We love hosting potluck dinners and wine nights with our friends at our place. Board games always make an appearance after a few wines.

What is your favourite piece of furniture?

It would be our little dog house, funny enough. My fiance, Trent, built a hollow wooden cabinet that disguises our dog (Peter) bed inside it. You would never ever guess it was where he sleeps at night, it's so beautifully made and it blends perfectly among the rest of our furniture. 

Muggeridge's favourite piece of furniture is the dog house her fiance made inside a hollow wooden cabinet.

What is your favourite artwork and why do you love it?

My favourite piece of artwork is my large Cubist portrait. It's a replicated piece from the Leonard Lauder (Estee Lauder's son) collection of Art he donated to the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art) in 2013. A close friend of mine brought it back for me when she and her husband were personally invited by Leonard to attend the exhibition. It's just something very special to me, I also love the colour palette. 

What is one thing you'd like to change around your house?

Her favourite piece of art is this cubism portrait that her friend bought back from Leonard Lauder's MET exhibition in New York City.

I'd love double glazing.

What is the home habit that annoys you most? 

Really silly and minor things, to be honest, like dishes on the bench when I have emptied the dishwasher. Empty toilet paper rolls left around the toilet. Crumbs on the coffee table.

What is your favourite/least favourite household chore?

Favourite is either making the bed or vacuuming. I love seeing the floors clean.

 Least favourite would be the wood fire, we go through so much wood at the moment being winter, which results in it constantly needing the soot build up to be removed. It's such a messy job and I sneeze the whole time doing it.

What's one domestic/housework/gardening trick you've learnt over the years?

Unstack the dishwasher first thing in the morning. Your day runs so smooth from there on out. I promise you.




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