MAFS love triangle: 'Hurt' Dan says Jess cheated with Telv

MAFS' jilted bride Tamara spills on her true feelings about Jess.

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They were one of the most controversial couples in a drama-filled season of Married at First Sight Australia - but it seems Daniel Webb and Jessika Power just couldn't make it work.

After an awkward fight on live TV last week, where Dan was struggling with trust issues following the shock revelations that Jess had hit on Nic Jovanovic, Dan has broken it off with Jess for good.

In an interview with Yahoo Lifestyle, Dan set the record straight after Jess told KIIS FM'S Kyle and Jackie O that she and Dan were on "shaky" ground but were "working through" their issues.

MAFS' Dan Webb and Jessika Power split following row on live TV
* MAFS' most controversial couple in awkward spat on live TV

"Me and Jess have split, let's get that straight. We have broken up," Dan confirmed in a video interview. "There's allegations coming out that we're still together. She's saying we're still together. We are not together."

Dan revealed that once the cameras stopped rolling after their on-air fight following the screening of the final drama-filled reunion episode, Jess stormed off in tears. Dan says that after talking with Jess he ended things because she just couldn't be honest with him, describing their relationship as "toxic".

Through tears, he said that if she'd just been honest, "maybe we could have worked. I really loved the girl. It's really hurt me to go through this."

The 35-year-old single dad also expressed "regret" over ever having met the admin assistant, and went on to say that it was cheating rumours that finally put the nail in the coffin of their fledgling relationship.

MAFS' Jess and Dan split after they had a dramatic row on live TV.
MAFS' Jess and Dan split after they had a dramatic row on live TV.

"There's no way I am going to be dating that girl after the rumours and the stuff that's been sent to me over the past 24 to 48 hours," he told the cameras. "I'm glad I've finished it. It's done."

One of the "rumours" Dan was referring to was that Jess had allegedly made advances towards one of last season's favourites, Telv Williams. "He [Telv] messaged me on Instagram saying they hooked up just before Christmas," Dan told Yahoo Lifestyle.

Telv has confirmed the incident, telling Yahoo Lifestyle in a statement "I really did have no idea whatsoever [that Jess was in a relationship]. "Dan seems like a really good guy. I feel for him."

Pictures have since emerged of Jess and Telv out together in December in their hometown of Perth.

Telv's marriage to Sarah Roza last season rivalled that of Cam and Jules. They were the most loved-up pair of the experiment, and had plans to move in together after filming finished. But it wasn't to be, and they split up in March last year.

Dan, meanwhile, hasn't come out completely unscathed when it comes to cheating allegations. A woman named Hannah phoned into the Kyle & Jackie O Show on KIIS FM last week saying that she and Dan had kissed at a bar on the Gold Coast two months ago - after filming had finished and while he was still with Jess.

Jess texted the woman to find out if it was true, and her message was read out on air. Hey babe. I'm so sorry to message you but I'm an absolute emotional wreck right now. Can you please tell me what happened with Dan?," the text read.

"I've just been through so much, I feel like maybe this will help me move on. It's just so heartbreaking, I've moved my entire life here. He said he's never seen you in his life but my gut just doesn't believe it'."

Dan has denied the allegations, saying he was hosting his son's birthday party during the weekend in question.


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