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In Pro-Trump media land, the last week's been irrelevant or just 'fake news'

How Trumpland's favourite cartoonist saw Comey's firing.

ANALYSIS: For most people who read the news, the last seven days have looked like a disaster for Donald Trump.

First he fired FBI director James Comey, who was investigating Russia's possible influence on his election, for unclear and conflicting reasons.

Then the Washington Post reported he had shared top secret classified information with Russian officials, leaving his surrogates to deny this before confirming it himself on Twitter.

Then the New York Times reported he had asked Comey to drop the investigation.

*Ex-FBI chief Robert Mueller named special prosecutor for Trump-Russia probe
*Donald Trump claims 'no politician in history' has been 'treated worse or more unfairly'
I think we're in impeachment territory,' says former aide to Nixon and Clinton
One disaster after another for embattled White House

Now a new tape of House GOP leader and Trump ally Kevin McCarthy "joking" about Trump being paid by Putin has emerged.


All in all, it sounds like a pretty bad week - and that's not even touching all the anonymous quotes his staff have been circulating about him.

But for many of his fans barely any of this news has cut through, and if it does, it's been seen as either "fake news" or simply irrelevant.

Here's a look at what that bubble is seeing, including right-wing stalwarts like Fox News and newer outlets of the alt-right.

We'll start with Fox News, who have too large of a news arm to simply ignore the story. Fox News' various opinionated "hosts", who are very thinly separated from their news team and take up most of prime time, first took the rather obvious Trump defence: that this was media hysteria over something that was no big deal.

"Last night [on] the big three networks, you're not going to believe the amount of coverage not just on Comey but simply on the Russia collusion thing," said Fox and Friends host Steve Doocy last Friday (NZT). 

By the next day there was something new for Fox to focus on, instead of the shifting narratives from the White House - it was the fact that NBC's Lester Holt had interrupted Trump during an interview with him.

What an outrage.

"How disrespectful was that!," exclaimed host Brian Kilmeade. 

Meanwhile, on the less respectful corners of the Trump-o-sphere, Comey's firing was simply a cause for celebration.

Before long, the Washington Post released their bombshell scoop on Trump giving classified info to Russia. Since anonymous sources had built this story and the administration was (at that time) denying it, the Pro-Trump world mostly either ignored the story, actively suggested it was "fake news," or focused on something completely different.

That different story? The murder of Seth Rich, a DNC staffer who was shot and killed last year in what Police call a botched robbery. The murder has been a focus of conspiracy groups for months.

A Fox affiliate - and thus later Fox itself - reported that his family had hired a private investigator who found that Rich had made contact with Wikileaks before his death - possibly to release those DNC emails. Looks pretty bad huh?

Turns out the family did not hire the investigator, actively reject the claim, and are asking Fox for an apology. Indeed, police say they had not even searched Rich's laptop, despite the story claiming that they had found emails to Wikileaks on there.

Anyway - this Seth Rich story was all you would really see on pro-Trump media over the next wee while.

First it was separate from the Russia revelations. Soon, as Buzzfeed's Charlie Warzel noted, they combined: the Russia story was a distraction from the Seth Rich murder.

As the Seth Rich and Russia stories died down the narrative shifted. On mainstream news the focus has returned to the Comey firing and reports that he was asked by Trump to drop the investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. 

On far right site InfoWars - where Donald Trump has appeared for an interview - Alex Jones was literally predicting a "bloody civil war". To be fair, this is fairly standard Alex Jones.

Things were pretty standard all over the show. Back at Fox Jesse Waters of The Five was calling it a "boring scandal" because it didn't involve any dead bodies. Tucker Carlson went right into standard "whataboutism" - asking if the Russia stuff is really more important than the opioid crisis?

For Trumpland's favourite cartoonist Ben Garrison, it was business as usual as well, with a focus on "triggered" college students and some irrelevant comments of a democratic House member about ice cream. In other words: pure culture wars.




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