Waikato doctor fights convictions

A Waikato doctor is fighting convictions after going into business with a convicted fraudster.

Gerald Waters was earlier this year convicted of two Companies Act charges, after being judged guilty of being a party to a man who was prohibited from being a director of a company.

The charges carry a maximum of five years in prison or a $200,000 fine.

Court documents show Waters, 35, was the flatmate of Jonathan Mann, who was convicted of fraud charges in 2007.

He was subsequently banned from being the director of a company for five years.

As Mann could take no part, Waters took up a directorship in companies IHO Ltd and IHO Holdings Ltd, in February 2011.

The company marketed a topical cream for bumps and bruises known as IHO Fix.

While Mann pleaded guilty to his charges and other fraud charges and was sentenced to home detention in December last year, Waters continued to deny his offending until found guilty by Judge Stan Thorburn.

He was due to be sentenced in the Hamilton District Court yesterday, with his lawyer Kit Clews pushing for permanent name suppression and discharge without conviction.

However, Judge Thorburnadjourned sentencing to Auckland next week.

In his submissions, Mr Clews said his client had his own view of his guilt.

"He has a lot of difficulty saying that he was wrong . . . He just has a difficulty with criminality."

Mr Clews also took a swipe at internet blogger Karen Williams - who was in court yesterday - who not only instigated the criminal proceedings but who, he claimed, continued to harass his client.

The New Zealand Medical Council was aware of Waters' offending but had chosen not to suspend his practising certificate.

Waikato DHB spokeswoman Mary Ann Gill confirmed Waters was still employed as a renal specialist.

■ Waters is not to be confused with another Dr Gerald Waters who specialises in drink-driving research.