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Me and my gadget - Raspberry Pi micro computer

Last updated 07:42 23/08/2012



Brett Morris, marketing manager at Ultrafast Fibre in Hamilton, tells Chris Gardner why he's dipped his finger in the new Raspberry Pi micro computer. 

What is your favourite gadget?

My favourite gadget has to be my new Raspberry Pi. It's a low-cost micro computer, which is about the size of an iPhone, and it can do most things an everyday notebook can do, like word processing, games and playing High Definition video . . . if you know what you're doing.

They were released internationally a couple of months ago and there are very limited numbers due to the high demand and low price of NZ$50; it must be one of the only ones in New Zealand. That fact alone makes it exciting to own one.

What do you mainly use it for?

The Raspberry Pi was invented so everyone could afford a computer and learn how to programme and that's exactly what I use it for. I'm a very amateur programmer and the Raspberry Pi is perfect to learn and make mistakes on, with no risk of breaking an expensive machine.


I'm currently trying to set it up to run like a normal notebook, so far I've installed a Linux-based operating system (the same operating system found on Android mobiles) and an internet browser. I also use it to run HD movies on my TV - it's much easier than connecting a chunky laptop. (A Smart TV is next on my list).

What would you change to make it better?

I think you are getting a lot for your money, so there isn't much I'd change on the current model, except maybe a cover to protect the electronics. In saying that you can pick up a case for about US$13. Maybe for the next generation they could look at adding some internal memory so you don't have to carry around your SD cards separately.

- Waikato Times

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Simon   #3   03:05 pm Sep 08 2012

I have had my Raspberry Pi since July, picked it up in the UK. Am running XBMC using my HomeServer as an NFS source. Fantastic as it plays 1080p blu rays with Dolby 5.1 without the slightest stutter. Velcro one of these to the back of a TV and you have a fully fledged HTPC with no noise and no visible box. It outputs HDMI for both 1080p and DTS audio, just perfect.

Mike   #2   03:11 pm Sep 07 2012

tiny and beautiful computer :)

so you need a small screen and it will work as a full scale comp.. bravo

---- Mike India

brian   #1   12:12 pm Aug 29 2012

no, not the only one in the country, im using mine to computer/ internet enable a t.v... also trying to make a car computer.

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