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Man cut from crash

Driver in serious condition after losing control of his vehicle and crashing into parked car in Timaru.

Council defers park sale

Fight to save Timaru's Maryburn Park continues, with council agreeing to put plans for controversial land sale on hold.

Online shopping evident to couriers

It seems more Christmas shopping may be happening online in South Canterbury.

Mt Cook a 'burial site'

Despite claiming its 234th life this week, reaching the summit, for some, outweighs the risks.

Keen crowd expected for concert

Extra security will be on hand to keep excited fans under control at Christmas on the Bay tonight.


Lower fuel prices for holidays

Timaru is footing it with North Island centres when it comes to low petrol and diesel prices, which are at their lowest level in four years.

Golden year for athletes

Stu Piddington takes a look back on the highlights and those on the rise.

What it's really like to be poor

There are some eye-opening observations in a social justice report recently completed in Timaru.

Introducing Kathy & Mike

The proposal was high-tech (with a remote-control chopper) but the wedding was beautifully rustic.

Bullets and flying shrapnel

George King went from preaching in Pleasant Point to bullets flying over his head at Gallipoli.