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Grief follows crash

The aviation and police communities in South Canterbury are in mourning following the deaths of two respected colleagues in a microlight crash.

Quad bike lands in the soup

The last time an elderly Timaru angler saw his quad bike, it was being washed into the sea.

'Water skater' inventor's latest

An apprentice mechanic has tested his hand-made wake skate for the first time.

Steam train sparked 21 fires

Firefighters to monitor hot spots today after vintage steam train sparks major blaze in North Otago.

Training succeeds for music campers

Music students and tutors enjoyed their five-day camp so much at Craighead last week that they hope to return.


Kitchen goes up in smoke

A fire that started in the kitchen of a York St house in Timaru on Saturday morning caused substantial damage.

Will Heinz's injury opens door for Billy Guyton

A season-ending leg injury to Willi Heinz propels South Canterbury oldboy Billy Guyton into the Super Rugby spotlight.

Scamp by name and nature

If you visit Elloughton Gardens rest home, chances are you might see a rather large "well-loved" ginger tabby cat.

Bullets and flying shrapnel

George King went from preaching in Pleasant Point to bullets flying over his head at Gallipoli.