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$200m investment

Oceania's production base in Waimate will receive more than a $200 million boost.

Expect some sunshine this week

Today could be the perfect day to dig your togs out with the promise of a clear sunny day ahead.

Domestic violence fears

Drinking at home rather than at the pub could lead to a rise in domestic violence, warns a local hotel owner.

Arsonist may be behind fires

An arsonist could be at work in the Timaru district as more unexplained fires are being reported.

Choosing the 'good option'

Timaru pub owners spoken to believed lower-alcohol beer was likely to increase in popularity.


Waimak a 'car dumping hotspot'

Waimakariri is the river vehicle dumping capital of Canterbury, closely followed by Timaru, according to data released by the regional council.

Senior cricket rained off

Teams batting second won easily with smaller run chases due to the wet weather in South Canterbury senior cricket on Saturday.

How far will they go?

It's heartening that people are outraged to learn some employers are docking workers' pay to cover the cost of stolen goods.

Fabulous Ferrari

Rod Tempero has built plenty of cars over the years, but his latest project may be his finest yet.

Bullets and flying shrapnel

George King went from preaching in Pleasant Point to bullets flying over his head at Gallipoli.