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Legal fires confusing

South Canterbury firefighters have received numerous 111 calls to farm burn-offs that are legal.

MP's extra pay to do good

Rangitata MP Jo Goodhew says she may donate her $12,500 pay rise to charity.

FF wants unused water rolled over

Irrigators should be allowed to carry forward their unused groundwater takes from one year to the next, a Federated Farmer's spokesman says.

Hands off, it's our money: Geraldine

The Geraldine Community Board's chairman is furious.

Police to pay for counselling

Police will pay for the treatment of two children left traumatised after their father was illegally tasered by an officer.


95-year-old still motoring in her 1969 Mini

Rose Oakley has owned her Morris Mini since 1969 and the trusty steed is still ferrying her around.

Hollie's Moroccan adventure

In her first adventure race, a former Craighead boarder and her team got lost and spent 17 hours on the course before finally being rescued.

Study on sports facilities would be welcomed

The Timaru District Council appears to be taking a step in the right direction regarding future big spending on sports grounds. In this week's annual budget meeting, there were a couple of surprises.

Bullets and flying shrapnel

George King went from preaching in Pleasant Point to bullets flying over his head at Gallipoli.