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'It's broken the family'

Cindy George was a good mother and her three children were bubbly and beautiful, family say.

Pebbles Hooper deletes Twitter page

Outrage over 'natural selection' comments prompts socialite to retreat from Twitter.

Person trapped in car after crash

Firefighters spend more than 40 minutes freeing person from wreckage after crash in Canterbury.

Northern Hearts footballer dies

Northern Hearts footballers are mourning the loss of their "outrageous and courageous" clubmate Ema McGeown.

Cyclist starts pedalling

The Tour de Timaru was kicked off on Sunday by its creator Reon Park.


Above the silos

Ross and David Brunton of Hadlee & Brunton test out the height rescue capability of their new 36m HIAB truck mounted crane on the old grain silos at the southern end of the Timaru railway yards.

Hearts thrash champs

Northern Hearts have now moved off the bottom of the men's division one hockey ladder.

A long-awaited leap into the lexicon of the English language

It's not for FOMO, but Grant Shimmin has decided it's time to make his entry into the lexicon of the English language.

Bullets and flying shrapnel

George King went from preaching in Pleasant Point to bullets flying over his head at Gallipoli.