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'Never coming home'

The family of a Timaru teen who died at a party is struggling with the sudden death of their daughter.

Cup of tea years in the making

Tears flowed when sisters Kath Hunt and Chris Smith met after 59 years apart.

Homeless teens admit joyride

Car thieves "encouraged" by joyriding friends, judge says as four plead guilty over escapade.

Port worker hit by container

A man is in hospital after being hit by a container while on a ship at the Port of Timaru early this morning.

'Significant focus' on reducing falls

The SCDHB has recorded its second lowest number of serious events since 2006.


Doctor calls for better hygiene

There was an increase in bowel diseases in South Canterbury last month, which was expected, according to South Canterbury medical officer of health Dr Daniel Williams.

He came, he flexed, he conquered

Wayne Doyle is retiring on a high note after a brief (but successful) foray into the world of bodybuilding.

Danyel loses grip on reality

ACT Party donor Danyel Southwark, traumatised by the election result, begins to lose her grip on reality.

'Let's talk about sex'

Trying to advise teenagers in the face of raging hormones can be a bit like trying to nail jelly to a tree.

Bullets and flying shrapnel

George King went from preaching in Pleasant Point to bullets flying over his head at Gallipoli.