Garden project feeds young brains

02:18, Nov 21 2012
Sumner-Van Asch community garden
HELPING HAND: Charli Hately, 3, at work with Bailey Peryman at the Sumner-Van Asch community garden.

A Sumner community initiative is helping children learn about sustainable food supply.

The Sumner-Van Asch community garden project operates out of the horticulture area at the Van Asch Deaf Education Centre, promoting "community food resilience".

It was initiated in late December 2011 after the site of the previous Sumner community garden was lost in the February earthquake.

Van Asch students meet every Tuesday morning to work in the garden with helpers for about three hours to learn about topics such as sustainability, nutrition and the plant life cycle.

Because of the success of the initiative, the gardening lessons have now been integrated into the students' formal learning programme.

The initiative was rapidly picking up steam and organiser Bailey Peryman was hoping to extend the project's reach to different areas of Christchurch.

"We're sort of running out of space actually. We're looking to expand.

"We are also aiming to serve as a hub really, for supporting gardening and food production," he said.


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