Graffiti-style art adorns YMCA

23:32, Sep 29 2012
stl sept30 mural
From left Jesse Geary, Nick Tam and Danny Owen in front of the mural they have created at the YMCA.

A wall in the Invercargill YMCA is now adorned with the bright colours and swirling patterns of a graffiti mural.

The painting is a collaborative effort by local graffiti artist Danny ''Deow'' Owen, students from his art course Jacob Stait and Lincoln Tupetoa and Christchurch artists Jesse Geary and Nick Tam.

Owen described Tam as ''one of New Zealand's most prolific graffiti artists''.

The 20m x 12m mural took 150 cans of spray paint, 12 litres of base coat and more than 200 test pots to complete, Owen said.

The two-day project was captured by time lapse photography.

The artists used a number of techniques to create the mural, including filling water balloons with paint and throwing them at the wall.


Owen said the crew was ''keen to paint all day everyday''.

A second mural, at the Riverton soundshell, was planned, Owen said.

Owen said there was lots of demand for graffiti-style art and he often did mural and screen printing work.

Tam said young graffiti artists had to ''learn to walk before they could run''.

''The difference between tagging and being a graffiti artist is like the difference between learning to walk and being a professional athlete.''

Gym member Will Pinkney said the mural made the area more lively.

 ''It needed something in there.''

Health and fitness supervisor Craig Dougherty said the painters had put in a lot of time and effort and come up with a good concept.

Owen and Geary will compete in the Kings of Style graffiti contest in Auckland next month.

The Southland Times