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Drool Britannia

Jaguar introduces the car it has promised and we've lusted after since the famous Mk II sedan was discontinued in the late 60s.

Triumph shows Triple benefits

Triumph's Speed Triple is still a treat, but you pay more for it.

The 30c Auckland petrol discount

A 50 litre tank can be as much as $15 dollars cheaper in Auckland than the regions.

Cycle lane retrial faces hurdles

As NZTA apologises for an ill-conceived cycle lane trial, they advise of a new one.

Alfa Romeo museum a must see

As the creator of some beautiful machines, a visit to the Alfa Romeo museum is a must-see for Italian car fans.

Fuel prices down, but margins up

Sod turned on Huntly expressway

Kia reveals new look Sportage

Driveway car wash ban

Sorento - for town and country

Tech that targets how we drive

Upgrade of city's busiest roundabout starts

Top golfer buys fifth fab Ferrari

Tug of war with tow truck

Honda changing the Civic

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Honda tweaks Accord

Honda unveils more pictures of its 2016 Accord which is tipped to form the base of NZ's next single-body model from next year.

New engine to boost Prado

Shhhh - don't yell it to the rooftops, but one of Toyota's most popular SUVs has gone all whisper-quiet.

Polish Holdens impress

European-sourced Astra VXR and GTC sports-hatches are useful additions to Holden's New Zealand lineup.

Cabriolet crowned best in show

A stunning 1924 Italian cabriolet has won the best in show award at the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance.