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Ford unveils final Falcon

Ford has shown the face of its last Australian Falcon.

Jag unveils bespoke F-Type

Jaguar is to use the Tour de France as billboard to show off a bespoke F-Type coupe as a high performance support vehicle.

'Evita' limo to be sold

A Cadillac limousine that was the official state car for Eva Peron is headed for the auction block.

The Jay Leno car show

To say US television icon Jay Leno is obsessed by cars could be considered a vast understatement.

Quiet on flyover

The Government is staying tight-lipped about whether it will appeal the Basin Reserve flyover decision.

Darth car 'fully operational'

A dream Ferrari collection

Pintos go from beast to beauty

'Safer' cars earn benefits in ACC cuts

In a league of his own

Backing blind

Electric future fast approaching

New tax hurts diesels

Missing our market

Parents 'gamble' over seatbelts

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New TRS car tested in Italy

Toyota Racing Series' new car for summer championship tested in Italy by double TRS champion Nick Cassidy.

ACC levy cuts better for some

Motorists who drive less and those with safer vehicles will benefit most from tweaks to proposed ACC levy cuts.

New hybrid leads lineup

If you were wondering why the new Pathfinder doesn't have a diesel option, now you know.

Jaguar's charming F-type coupe

Its topless sister may turn heads, but it's the new Coupe version that best displays the Jaguar F-type's talent.

Mustangs, Maseratis on show

Mustangs and Maseratis are among the well known motors to take centre stage at Auckland's annual Speedshow.

Retro 500 has familiar vibe

Simplicity rules with the time machine that is Royal Enfield's classic single.

$18,200 racing stripe

A racing stripe option on the new Ferrari 458 Speciale costs more than what many Kiwis would spend on a car.

The little engine that could

Look for a 1.0-litre three-cylinder powered Skoda to make waves in the sub $20,000 city car market in NZ.

Your favourite NZ roads

At look at readers' favourite roads. Whaanga Coast from Raglan to Ruapuke.