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Bentley's EXP 10 concept coupe

Bentley may add fifth model to its lineup - the EXP 10.

Lamborghini tweaks Aventador

Lamborghini is set to reveal an 'SV' spec version of its range-topping Aventador.

Lexus reveals Mini rival

Lexus plans to take on BMW's Mini unit at its own game with a little battler to be revealed at Geneva.

Evoque loses its lid

Land Rover has lopped the roof off its Evoque SUV.

'March madness' on Auckland's roads

If Aucklanders think the traffic has got worse in the last couple of weeks, they're right.

Protecting the public?

PM: Kiwi drivers just as bad

BMW launches 'frumpy' 7-seater

Topless toys parked up

Ferrari again under family control

World’s hottest hatch to get hotter

Petrol prices rise again

Same car, different century

Teutonic toilers

For the love of a rare Ferrari

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Alonso ruled out of Australia Grand Prix

Spain's Fernando Alonso will not race in next week's season-opening Australian Formula One Grand Prix on doctors' advice after a heavy crash in testing, his McLaren team says.

Thief as thick as his brick

Want to break into a car by throwing a brick through a window? Well knock yourself out. This guy did.

Could Toyota's Fortuner be for us?

Designed and engineered in Australia, the HiLux-based Fortuner has never been sold here, but that could change next year.

20,000 Aucklanders fail driving test

Taranaki and Auckland drivers struggle to pass restricted licence test while Otago-Southland drivers find success.

Someone can't reverse

A new driver's clumsy and repeated attempts to back out of a parking space have been caught on camera.

Crowds drool over rally cars

The Targa Rally proved to have plenty of pulling power in South Canterbury yesterday.

Superb sets standards for comfort and room

Cab-drivers should queue up for this one - the ultra-roomy Skoda will gets its public premiere at the Geneva motor show.

American muscle machine - BMW's X6 M

BMW upgrades its first all-paw M machine that was well suited to the nature of NZ roads.

95-year-old still motoring in her 1969 Mini

Rose Oakley has owned her Morris Mini since 1969 and the trusty steed is still ferrying her around.

Your favourite NZ roads

At look at readers' favourite roads. Whaanga Coast from Raglan to Ruapuke.