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Police speeding clampdown

All drivers stopped by police until February can expect to be breath-tested.

Noisy Ferraris rev up residents

Howl of engines from test-drive businesses is upsetting residents' tranquility in Ferrari's hometown of Maranello.

This Ford Kuga's a goer

Ford gets Kuga refresh right with the introduction of the 1.5-litre EcoBoost engine.

Merc's new arrival perfectly timed

Look out BMW and Audi. Mercedes-Benz finally has an entry in the vital medium SUV segment of NZ's luxury car market.

78-year-old on a wild world car adventure

NZ well remembered by 78-year-old grandmother as her worldwide adventure driving an 85-year-old car reaches Miami.

Council keen on electric cars

1966 Shelby replicas planned

Nobody drives through this fake city

Herbie's hot price a Beetle record

Vehicles 'levitate' in bizarre crash

Honey, I magnified the Mini

City cars with character

VW puts R into Passat wagon

Ten out of 10 for Burt no. 10

1929 bike comes home for Burt

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Award rewards active car safety

The car with the best accident-avoiding features will get a special safety gong at this year's Autocar Car of the Year awards.

Want a superbike with that coffee?

An Auckland cafe is one of the few places in the world you can pick up a superbike with your coffee.

Buick hides Commodore planning

The non-Australian Commodore takes shape beneath a made-for-America large sedan.

Big price for iconic Disneyland car

A car from Disneyland's long-running PeopleMover has sold at a Los Angeles auction for NZ$723,500.