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Self-parking demo goes wrong

Human error is being blamed for a nasty failure of a self-parking demonstration.

How to keep drivers from feeling like robots

For a glimpse of one of the auto world's thorniest modern dilemma, look no further than two contradictory TV ads for Infiniti's new Q50.

Tricky tidal motoring in Timaru

It was almost a case of a chilly dip for a driver after he became stuck on a Timaru beach.

Mystery of why drivers fail

A computer engineer is using the power of Twitter to expose a notorious carpark.

Why classic cars had tailfins

Space-inspired 1950s styling cues were unlike anything the world had seen.

Get ready for winter driving conditions

Dangers of snow tyres need addressing

Diesel and hybrid Bentleys on the way

Change riles motorist

Tyre punctures in-car selfie stick singalong

Dixon fourth in chaotic race

Transport projects get green light

Mechanic's spelling blunder goes viral

Renault India is Kwids in with new small car

BMW reveals modern day 3.0 CSL Batmobile

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New Q7 is better everywhere

New Q7 is lighter, nimbler, quieter and less imposing while offering big gains in interior practicality and useable space.

Crossrunner no longer a wallflower

By making it cooler to look-at, Honda made its VFR800X the bike it should always have been.