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Rowan Atkinson puts huge price tag on rare McLaren

Mr Bean has gone Mr Big with a whopping multi-million-dollar price tag on his rare crash-repaired McLaren F1 supercar.

Aussies wow Detroit with Buick concept vehicle

One of the outstanding concept vehicles on display at the Detroit Motor Show wasn't designed in North America, but Australia.

Safest cars on the world market

With the US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety now being the go to source for real world safety ratings, these five cars scored the best of all.

Bids hover over restored pre-war bike

A Vincent is always to be celebrated but this 1939 Series-A Rapide is one with a story worth telling.

Fastest hotel in the world

For motorheads who can't afford to drive a Tesla Model S luxury car, there's always the cheaper option of sleeping in one. 

Little time for say on transport plan

Ferrari boss says F1 requires a 'real revolution'

Kenny Smith set to become F5000 world champ

The car that has almost everything

Ferrari's practical and quick family wagon

Car sales hit dizzy heights

Long weekend traffic expected to cause delays

Self-driving cars may worsen road safety

Pohutukawa battle heats up

$200 Ford becomes Italian supercar

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Worst American cars

Here's a handful of automotive shockers from the US car industry that you might not have thought of.

Billionaire races to Ruapuna

Fashion magnate behind brands like Tommy Hilfiger is travelling NZ in a giant ultra-luxury motorhome.

Meet the anti-Prius

A new Mercedes-Benz hybrid completely crushes any notion that hybrids are less fun to drive than conventional vehicles.

Someone can't reverse

A new driver's clumsy and repeated attempts to back out of a parking space have been caught on camera.

Crowds drool over rally cars

The Targa Rally proved to have plenty of pulling power in South Canterbury yesterday.

Moto Guzzi's iconic grey eminence

A serious price drop for the Griso 1200 SE with no easing of style and presence.

Nitro Circus firing on all cylinders

Wellingtonians witness a world record, an inflatable elephant and a flying bathtub when the Nitro Circus rolled into town.

When two will do

The high-riding, double cab 2WD market practically doubled last year.

Your favourite NZ roads

At look at readers' favourite roads. Whaanga Coast from Raglan to Ruapuke.