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Staying alive over Easter

There's plenty you can do to reduce the accident odds and keep yourself alive on the roads this Easter aside from just obeying the road rules.

Grieving boy's tourist driver petition

Government to look at driving tests for tourists following a petition from a 9-year-old boy after his dad was killed in smash.

Unregistered sellers convicted

Four people operating unregistered vehicle sales businesses have been prosecuted in the past month.

200 new speed cameras

Police aren't saying where the new hi-tech cameras will be installed over the next few months.

Flyover design 'incoherent'

Should the Basin Reserve flyover be an iconic structure that defines the capital city or a modest bridge that quietly slinks into its surrounds?

Track and reward driver app

Sowing the Kia Cee'd

Critics slam Labour truck proposal

Inflatable child seat concept

High performance Vette drop top

Labour would ban fast trucks

Tour de force

Cruze gets facelift

Getting ready to tango

Lawnmower race keeps crisis at bay

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McLaughlin eyeing Nascar

New Zealand V8 Supercars driver Scott McLaughlin has expressed an ambition to race Nascar in the future.

Hard core LaFerrari confirmed

Track-only LaFerrari XX will take hypercar to extreme levels of performance.

Hopes rest on wee MG

MG launches entry-point car for less than $20,000 that shows no a sign of penny-pinching and is not short on fun.

Truck flips into minivan

Dash cam captures the terrifying moment a rolling cement truck ploughs head-on into car.

If heroes were on a budget

What if money was in short supply for the transportation of our on-screen heroes?

A treat for 2

The K1300R is a BMW tailored towards tandem riding.

Geneva previews Mazda2

Slick new cars are coming thick and fast from Mazda and this is the newest and smallest.

What women want...

Anyone can generalise on the subject of what women want in their car.

Black Pearl wins 'Goodguys'

This Euro-American custom blend crafted for Metallica's James Hetfield has taken America's most sought-after hot rod gong.

Your favourite NZ roads

At look at readers' favourite roads. Whaanga Coast from Raglan to Ruapuke.