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Backing blind

How difficult is it to reverse a blacked-out vehicle? Very difficult, especially when its head-to-head against Kiwi rally star Hayden Paddon.

Electric future fast approaching

If we only have five decades of oil left then alternatives to the internal combustion engine need to be embraced sooner rather than later.

New tax hurts diesels

Claims that NZ's tax on diesel vehicles has now reached a level where it is no longer viable to own a diesel car for its economy.

Missing our market

Here's our top five American cars we can't get in NZ.

Parents 'gamble' over seatbelts

Parents are "gambling" with their children's lives by not using car seatbelts, police say.

Device protects cars from hacking

A touch insulting?

Special edition adds value

New hybrid leads lineup

Audi EV the forerunner

Retro 500 has familiar vibe

Basin flyover plans axed

Most popular 'American-built' cars

MG wins best ride

Radical coupe confirmed

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Rosberg wins home Grand Prix

Nico Rosberg gives Germany another win to celebrate after their World Cup success with a Hockenheim win.

Flyover decision due

Fate of Basin Reserve flyover will become much clearer today, as board of inquiry releases draft decision.

Honest Indian

The least expensive proper working ute in NZ looks like a useful entrant in our burgeoning workhorse market.

Jaguar's charming F-type coupe

Its topless sister may turn heads, but it's the new Coupe version that best displays the Jaguar F-type's talent.

Mustangs, Maseratis on show

Mustangs and Maseratis are among the well known motors to take centre stage at Auckland's annual Speedshow.

Thunderbirds are go

A great British brand creates American style from a parallel motorcycling universe.

$18,200 racing stripe

A racing stripe option on the new Ferrari 458 Speciale costs more than what many Kiwis would spend on a car.

The little engine that could

Look for a 1.0-litre three-cylinder powered Skoda to make waves in the sub $20,000 city car market in NZ.

Sir Stirling and Maserati

Motorsport legend Sir Stirling Moss and one of his favourite cars, the Maserati 250F, to headline a 100 year celebration at Silverstone.

Your favourite NZ roads

At look at readers' favourite roads. Whaanga Coast from Raglan to Ruapuke.