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Petrolheads in Porirua

It was petrolhead heaven in Porirua when the Western Bay Street Rodders car show roared into town.

Are petrolheads a dying breed?

Fuel requires deep thought for more Kiwis than ever before, according to new research.

Why are roundabouts so hard?

Here's everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask about roundabouts.

Comic hero customised Harleys

Kiwi dealers among those who have created 27 Marvel-inspired custom bikes to celebrate Captain America's 75th birthday.

Kiwi's Detroit built classic a rarity

An original 1934 Hudson Terraplane now housed in Wairarapa is thought to be one of the last in the world.

What's the hold up?

Toyota Signature Class now strangely normal

Kia teases new Rio

BoosterJet Vitara is all go

Uber loses US$1.3b in 6 months

Prius plug-in better late then never

World's first self-driving taxis debut

Meet the world's fastest truck

Yamaha's MT 'daddy' fails DNA test

Renault ends Megane RS era

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Shoddy NZ road safety disappoints

Kiwi motorists have been accused of not taking their own road safety seriously.

Harley-Davidson unveils new motor

Harley-Davidson is to introduced an all-new engine, the Milwaukee-Eight, named for the city where the company was born.

Dramatic crash at Belgian GP

Renault driver Kevin Magnussen escapes serious injury after smashing into a wall at high-speed.