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Device obliterates truck

Truck travelling at speed meets spectacular end in experiment designed to stop suicide bombers.

Rare cars up for sale

Six century-old cars, including one that raced in early New Zealand competitions, are being sold.

BMW ramps up connectivity

BMW takes in-car connectivity in NZ to another level with the launch of a new feature.

Fuel-cell sedan offers alternative

Toyota is convinced that fuel-cell cars better suit the mass market than pure electrics and is set to test that sometime next year.

One year on, Ernie is back

A Model T Ford damaged in a crash last year is ready to hit the road once more.

Hoeft shifts into top gear

Fines for getting close to cyclists?

Third Take on TT

Auckland cops new cameras

Honda's hottest?

Going the distance

Fuel up 2 cents a litre

World's greatest drag race?

Designs on the future

Frugal diesel is quick

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Formula E aiming high

World's first electric motor racing series hopes to attract 3-4 manufacturers to become a fully-fledged world championship.

More speed cameras

Drivers hurtling around Wellington at speed will soon be at the mercy of five digital speed cameras.

Inventor's climate change drive

Takaka inventor Albie Burgers' electric car can travel 50 kilometres and cost him $1.

The Lexus that wants to play

The Lexus RC coupe is due in NZ just before Christmas, but Jason Harper has already driven the beast in the US.

Volvo pranks valet

Getting to drive some of the world's hottest cars in your first day as a parking valet looked like the sweetest of jobs.

0-100kmh in 3secs

Ferrari has revealed its new 458 Speciale A in a series of official photographs.

A chance to be 'Easy Rider'

Peter Fonda's Captain America chopper from Easy Rider has come to symbolise the counterculture of the 1960s. Now it's for sale.

Italians dominate awards

A Lamborghini and Ferrari have won the "spectacular" car awards at the prestigious 2014 Salon Prive show in London.

Turbocharger v supercharger

Few car makers are using the supercharger but does that mean it is not as good as the turbocharger?

Falcon legends meet

The last ever Falcon GT gets to meet its maker; the iconic Falcon XY GT.

Your favourite NZ roads

At look at readers' favourite roads. Whaanga Coast from Raglan to Ruapuke.