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Corvette sinkhole to go

Sinkhole that swallowed prized sports cars won't be a permanent attraction at Corvette museum.

Playing in the sand

That sand gets in everything feeling is apparent as a Colorado ute is sculptured from sand.

Discovery Sport leaked as model

The new 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport - which has no relationship with any existing Discovery - has been leaked in model form.

Feeding a need for speed

Brenda Ward sees the Pisa Ranges whiz by in a blur of flying snow while mountain range driving near Cardrona.

Make a plan, start the van

There are a few things you should consider before heading off on a campervan holiday.

Stroked and stoked

Mazda's little big car

Mustang is almost here

Sleek street beast

Political fork in the road

Portaloose: Trailer on the runs

New Vitara revealed

Fraudster's Rolls sells at auction

Tulloch inks Camaro deal

Supercar crash deliberate

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Consistency the key for SVG

Shane van Gisbergen says he's reaping the rewards for being Mr Consistent in the V8 Supercars series this season.

New Falcon cost $263,254

Australian Ford enthusiast says "there's nothing like a GT Falcon".

Hoisted Hatches

SUVs assume many forms these days, like Benz's new GLA for instance. We line up another compact premium SUV to measure its merits.

Merc eyes top luxury spot

Mercedes-Benz new C-Class, crucial to the brand's bid to move into top spot in the luxury sector in this part of the world, has arrived.

Standing landing from rear-ender

Dramatic dash cam footage shows a motorcyclist flipping in the air and then landing on a moving car.

Homemade hot wheels

It seems China is the world leader in the weird and wonderful world of homemade vehicles.

Revamped Valkyrie leads blitz

The world's biggest motorcycle maker reveals its upcoming motorcycle line-up.

Car auctions smash records

Annual US auto auction week races into the record books as total sales climb close NZ$500m.

New ute to take on Ranger

Nissan's new Navara is another step in the evolution of the ute to becoming a more rounded, do-it-all machine.

Baby Azaria car on display

Museum buys car of the Kiwi at the centre of the "that dingo's got my baby" case.

Your favourite NZ roads

At look at readers' favourite roads. Whaanga Coast from Raglan to Ruapuke.