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Edge added to ute battle

Toyota prepares to fend off the Ford Ranger challenge in this year's ute sales battle with new value-added weapons called Edge.

VW's big small car

It has the looks of a little SUV but there's no way anyone with any brains would go cross country driving in this VW.

Holden lovers gather

Some Holdens are like the holy grail, especially on the occasion of the marque's 60th birthday.

Stockcars gearing up

Back in the day, the Wellington Wildcats dominated stockcar racing nationally - and they may do so again.

Pump and dump

Low and slow is not about tough terrain for his Toyota Hilux.

Capital congestion up

Clarkson target of complaint

Monster self-driving trucks

SUVs dominate finalists

Aprilia's primal ride

Driverless at 200 kmh

Weather-activated speed signs trial

500 accidents in a day

Lack of speed worries racer

Jeremy Clarkson: They got me

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Munro claims FCMS victory

Young Christchurch driver underlined his potential by claiming the Formula Masters China Series at the weekend.

Law-abiding drivers wrongly snapped

Speed-camera programming error leaves police red-faced and having to cancel fines.

Duster to pass muster

One of the least known successful Renault/Nissan ventures is the Dacia brand which has one particularly interesting project on the go.

A day in the very fast lane

Wellington journo Tom Hunt jumps at the chance to test-drive a Lamborghini. And lives to tell the tale.

A day in the very fast lane

Wellington journo Tom Hunt jumps at the chance to test-drive a Lamborghini. And lives to tell the tale.

Gazillion dollar blowout

Ferrari shows it is not your normal automaker with lavish weekend bash aimed at staying exclusive.

Budget learner-leader

Here's one Learner Approved Motorcycle that still talks the torque.

What's hot in Paris

The Paris Motor Show is big and here's our look at some of the cars we will soon see in New Zealand.

Hybrid compromise lessens

One day, someone will invent a zero emissions vehicle that will have good performance and range and won't set you back the price of a small island.

Best of the rest 'Pony' cars

Mustang will always be the first "Pony" car so here's what we think are the next best five.

Your favourite NZ roads

At look at readers' favourite roads. Whaanga Coast from Raglan to Ruapuke.