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Day-old Corvette crashed into tree

This is how to do nearly NZ$30,000 damage to a day-old Chevrolet C7 Corvette Z06.

Check your plate or face a fine

People snapped with bikes obscuring number plates on the back of vehicles could face a fine of up to $200.

Lamborghini signs deal to build new SUV

Lamborghini confirms its entry in the luxury SUV market in signing a deal to produce the vehicle in Italy.

NZ's spike in road deaths

New Zealand recorded the biggest increase in road deaths in 2014, according to international study.

Kiwis queuing up for new Mustang

Over 300 Kiwis have already ordered the new Mustang, and DAVE MOORE is pleased that his favourite Triple Yellow won't be too common.

The money no object motorcycle

Tourists' rental contracts torn up

Executive drops Apple car hint

Big Ford truck sadly not for us

New parking restrictions for inner Auckland

Foreign drivers steered by teen's app

Are we ready for them?

Motoring writer crashes new Camaro, on TV

Hyundai first with Android Auto

Maserati celebrates 100 years with Zagato special

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Hyundai Genesis treads softly, softly

Hyundai's luxury offering, the big Genesis sedan, is causing some debate in New Zealand.

New Q7 is better everywhere

New Q7 is lighter, nimbler, quieter and less imposing while offering big gains in interior practicality and useable space.

Crossrunner no longer a wallflower

By making it cooler to look-at, Honda made its VFR800X the bike it should always have been.

Dixon fourth in chaotic race

Kiwi driver just misses a podium finish in an action-packed Indy 500 punctuated by crashes and a tight finish.