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Got a news tip?

Last updated 12:50 10/06/2013

If you have a news tip or photographic idea for the Manawatu Standard we'd love to hear from you.

You can contact in four different ways:

1. Phone the chief of staff on (06) 355 8813.

2. Send a fax on (06) 350-9836, including a contact details.

3. Send an email to, including contact details.

4  Text the Editor on 027 498 1242.

4. Contact us on Facebook here: Manawatu Standard.

5. Catch up with us on Twitter at

Please don't use the editorial fax number or e-mail address for advertising enquiries.

To make inquiries about advertising bookings, send your inquiry to or phone the advertising team at the Manawatu Standard on (06) 356-9009. The proofing fax number is 06 350-9559.

How to order photos: 


Photos can be ordered by emailing or at the front counter of the Manawatu Standard, 51 The Square Palmerston North. 

Editorial staff at the Manawatu Standard:

Editor: Robert Mitchell - 

Deputy Editor: Matthew Dallas -

Chief of Staff: Jonathon Howe -   Twitter: @TheHowe

Deputy Chief of Staff and environment reporter: Mathew Grocott -  Twitter: @mathewgrocott

Sports Editor: Peter Lampp -

Sports reporter: George Heagney -

Palmerston North City Council reporter: Janine Rankin -

Education reporter: Kelsey Wilkie - kelsey.wilkie@fairfax Twitter:  @kelsea112

Emergency services and defence reporter: Kathryn King -

Health reporter: Lisa Knight -   Twitter: @littlebitoflisa

Court and justice reporter: Jono Galuszka -  Twitter:  @jonogaluszka

Rural reporter: Jill Galloway -

Arts/features reporter: Carly Thomas -

Social issues / Tararua reporter: Thomas Heaton - Twitter: @tsrheaton

Business reporter: Susan Teodoro - Twitter: @SueTeodoro

Manawatu District reporter: Allie McPhee -

Rangitikei District reporter: Caroline Brown -

Photographic department:

Chief Photographer: Murray Wilson - 

- Manawatu Standard

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