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How to clear your home of bad vibes

Create a welcoming environment in your space, starting with the energy.

Perhaps you've purchased a deceased estate. One tidy lady owner, except Mrs Smith happened to depart in the master bedroom. A room which gives you the chills.

Maybe you had a weird flatmate who lived like a hermit, and though they've left, the room just doesn't feel right.

What's going on? What to do? And, "Who you gonna call?"


In short – not good.

"Everything is energy and a house has a presence to it," says Greg Villiers, transformational healer.


No more monsters? Follow these tips.

"You know when you get the goose-bumps?" says Karen Reid, psychic medium and healer. "It's exactly that feeling, but bad. Your hair might stick up on end, you might shiver or feel cool breezes. Your tummy might feel unsettled. You won't be sleeping very well."

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Time to clear the air and evict that 'extra' resident.

"Sometimes electronics will start glitching out. Feeling like you're being followed inside the house or seeing things flash past the corners of your eyes. A lot of people can think it's hoo-ha until it's happening in their house," says Dion Freeman, healer and spiritual advisor of Healing Aoteaoroa.

"Children are generally a lot more sensitive than their parents," says energy healer Suzanne Evans. "The parents will have tried everything to get them to sleep, but the kids don't want to go into their room. They say things like, 'I don't like that man in there,' or 'It doesn't feel good Mummy.'"

"You can also find that the energy in house can start messing with the people [who live there] and have really out of character emotions go through those people," Freeman says. "That's the biggest sign that you might need to get some work done."

'The more powerful the emotion, the more it is going to imprint on its surroundings.'


The professionals agree that the more powerful the emotion, the more it's going to imprint on the surroundings.

The energetic residue which can give us the shivers may or may not signal a spirit visitor.

Medium Carin Anderson says violence in a home has a particularly lasting effect.

"Everything that a person thinks and feels vibrates out into the area around them," says Evans. "That energy then becomes impregnated into the walls of the house."

"If there was a lot of tension and trauma inside the house, that energy needs to be moved on," says Freeman. "Especially extreme violence, and extreme depression or mental illness. But there's also people who have passed on inside that house, or have a connection to that house who have passed on."

"I look at it this way," says medium Carin Anderson. "People that are connected with property and 'gone to the next level', they still want to try and connect with us."

Some people just want to stay in touch.

"It's essentially you or I if we leave the body," says Villiers. "Sometimes these beings don't even realise they're dead, so they're hanging around. And sometimes there are beings that are more than Aunt Betty, and some are quite malevolent."


Because your nest could become a nightmare.

An unhappy home is a headache.

"There's a place in West Auckland I went to where the energy was really off. It was actually a fairly new house, but a couple moved in there, they had only been there six months and the woman started going through all sorts of health problems, had really bad legs, couldn't walk properly," says Anderson.

"It turned out that there had been a murder next door and a lot of that energy had come into the neighbouring property. I cleared the whole lot. After that, her health problems started coming right, but she was desperate at the time."

The experts agree it's best to bless the house as soon as possible before moving in. "I like to do it before the furniture is in there so you've got a nice blank space," says Reid. 

Clearing residual energy and mess may help you feel more at home.

An eerie presence not dealt with could also cost you the sale of your house.

"I've talked to a lot of real estate agents," says Evans. "They've told me about a lot of houses they just don't want to go into, and some rooms they don't want to go into."

"When a prospective buyer walks into a place, if there's been some unhappy stuff go on there, they're going to pick up on that and they're not going to feel so drawn to it, even though it's a really lovely home," says Villiers.

This is a white sage smudge-stick and it's our experts' top pick for a simple purify of your spaces.


As a first port of call, clean your house. After a extensive spring clean (don't forget the dark corners, seriously), you can use a technique called smudging to "dust the air" in your home.

Reid advises you approach a DIY cleanse like this: "Start burning your white sage at the front door and go clockwise around the frame of your door. Then go left to right around your house. Wave the sage stick through the air quite fast. It's the same [action] as dusting.

Get your spring clean on to refresh and reset.

"What your thought pattern is is important. 'Clean, clear, clean, clear.' Make sure you get into places like dark corners, cupboards, get under things, the hot water cupboard. And the shower. After this, open all the windows, cupboards and drawers to let all the negative energy escape."

Secondly, Villiers suggests that you have a chat. "You can just say to the presence, 'Hey I can sense you're here, you're not meant to be here, I choose for you not to be here, turn away and go to the light, you'll get all the help you need'. If you notice a difference, then fine it's cleared."

But if not, call a professional. "You do need to contact somebody, because the question is why is that going on there?" says Anderson.

Open the windows and let the light shine in.

"I get calls all the time for people who have just moved office spaces or houses, some people even call me when they change flats," says Freeman. "If it's a brand new house, I would suggest a blessing. If it's an existing house, I would definitely suggest a clearing."


Reid recommends regular energy dusting. "Energy accumulates over time. Once a month it's a good idea to clear energy from your house, and then seasonally. It's all about intention. If you go into a house with a good intention to bless it, or clean it, or clear it, you will get the result."  

Animals will relax when the coast is clear.

To keep the air clear, Freeman also recommends burning white sage or better yet, palo santo wood, though, "the best is burning coffee".

Evans suggests naturopathic cleansing sprays, and placing crystals such as selenite or black tourmaline in the corners of the rooms. "In all my years, it's been rare to find a house that doesn't come into harmony by a healing," she says.

"The house will warm up and feel so inviting. It's amazing the difference."

Maintain a good feeling in your home with white sage and regular cleaning.





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