96-year-old's love song for late wife

01:53, Aug 28 2013
Fred Stobaugh
ENDURING LOVE: 96-year-old Fred Stobaugh has written a love song for his late wife Lorraine.

A 96-year-old's heartbreaking song about enduring love has become an internet sensation.

When Illinois man Fred Stobaugh heard about an online songwriting competition he wanted his story to be heard.

He didn't know a lot about how to write a song, let alone how to record one or load it up on YouTube, so he decided to write a letter to Green Shoe Studios instead.

The handwritten letter, delivered in a manila envelope and containing the lyrics to Sweet Lorraine ended up with producer Jacob Colgan, who was deeply touched by the passion behind the lyrics.

Stobaugh explained in the letter that the love of his life, his wife, Lorraine, to whom he had been married for 75 years, had died recently and his reasons for writing the song.

A video chronicling how Stobaugh's dream had been made real has been posted on the internet and has people in tears around the world.

"She was the prettiest girl I ever saw. ... I just fell in love with her right there," he says in the video.

"After she passed away, I was just sitting in the front room one evening by myself, and it just came right to me almost. I just kept humming it and singing it. It just fit her," Stobaugh says.

Colgan decided to produce and record the song for free and at the end of the video we see Stobaugh listen to Sweet Lorraine for the first time.

He wipes away tears and says quietly, "It's wonderful. Just wonderful."

Make sure you have some tissues ready when you watch this video.