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Pattinson hopes sex scene impresses

Last updated 13:01 31/10/2011

Robert Pattinson hopes his sex scene in Twilight "lives up" to the hype.

The British actor admitted that filming the long-awaited sex scene in upcoming movie, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, was daunting.

The movies focus on the relationship between his vampire character Edward Cullen and human Bella Swan, played by Kristen Stewart.

In the fourth movie the couple finally get married and give into their passions.

"It's strange trying to do a singular event which everyone is expecting," he explained in an interview with the British edition of Total Film.

"At the end of the day, watching other people having sex is never going to be that spectacular. Hopefully it'll be good. There's so much hype. You're like 'God, I hope this lives up to it.'"

Robert admitted that he half-hoped the movie would fade to black on the love scene as it does in the book.

But, he agrees that people need to see more in films.

"It's funny, people talk about sex scenes in the book, but there aren't actually any," he explained. "It's all in people's imagination. It just shows bits of the aftermath. Not that filmmakers will be taking that approach. You have to show something!"

The 25-year-old confessed that he was shocked when he read Stephenie Meyer's book, which the film series is based on. He thinks that the fourth film is a very different kind of film to its three predecessors.

"When the final book came out, I was like 'She's not even thinking outside the box anymore. She's broken the whole box," he exclaimed.

"She went all out on the last one. It's almost a different genre of movie."


- Cover Media

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