Monday's stuff's joke of the day

20:48, Apr 29 2013

To have a bit of a laugh in the office during the International Comedy Festival we have asked comedians to tell us their favourite joke and tell us a bit about themselves.  

Comedy call: Five questions for Idiots of Ants

1. Describe your humour in one sentence?
One sentence? We can do it in one word! Boondongle. The dictionary describes a boondongle as 'A foolish and unnecessary project or activity'. Making up comedy sketches with your mates is a 'Boondongle'. A very fun, very silly, laugh out loud boondongle. Come and boondongle with us.
2. What quality does a comedian need?
We tend to sit and write in coffee shops. While we write we eat those little round toffee waffle biscuits. We think that these little round toffee waffle biscuits are the source of our comic power. Comedians need little round toffee waffle biscuits.
3. Who/what makes you laugh?
Stupid stuff. Farting in Tupperware boxes and putting them in the fridge. If you don't laugh at that then you have no soul. And you tube videos of people falling off poorly constructed rope swings into rivers. Ace.
4. What made you want to be a comedian?
We are the luckiest men alive. We get to travel the world as a group of best mates putting on shows and giggling. Who wouldn't want to do that? Some of our friends have proper jobs in offices where they have to do sums and stuff! Yesterday in the tour van Andy burped the national anthem and we pulled over to give him a standing ovation. This is a great job.
5. Who are your favourites at this year's comedy festival?
We looooooooooooove James Acaster and Jarred Christmas. Please don't miss them. They are splendid acts.

WHAT: Idiots of Ants - Model Citizens

WHEN: Tue 30 April, Wed 1 - Sat 4 May, 9pm at Ragatira at Q, Auckland

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