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Beyonce's big year

​The two biggest music stories of the year happened last month: Prince died, and Beyonce came alive.

Whatever happened to Victoria?

They're as Kiwi as L&P and jandals, but how much do you know about the characters behind the Exponents' songs?

Megan Fox: Hollywood weirdo

She's definitely weird – a word she applies to herself - and her latest venture is as weird as she is.

Ross from Friends can rap?

We'll let you be the judge of that but this video shows that perhaps Rossatron has a sense of humour after all.

Glee star indicted for sex images

"Puck" Mark Salling will face a jury over the thousands of suspect images in his possession.

'Scarfies' house for sale

'Well done Hils'

Song recorded in electric cars

Depp accused of domestic violence

Sleeping with the Steinway not Farr away

The most cursed of coppers returns

Emotional farewell for Hilary

Start backing the White Walkers

'Hook me up, Taika'

Looking Glass an uninspiring tale

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Spielberg: Be real-life movie heroes

The Oscar-winning director had some powerful words of advice for a room full of Harvard graduates.

Town Hall deal expected

Council hopes to reach deal with NZSO and School of Music to restart strengthening works.

Men want Jon Snow hair

Dudes want to look like Kit Harrington, apparently, and they're willing to perm for it.