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Dear Baz and the boys

OPINION: Mate, you asked us to dare to dream. We did. Now the reality is dawning.

Asterix and The Outsiders

OPINION: It's once more unto the pitch for the Black Caps tomorrow - one more dazzling, unlikely showing and they'll have the Cricket World Cup.

Did Pam make a case for C17s?

OPINION: The Government needs to spend its military budget wisely, writes NZ First's defence spokesman Ron Mark.

National has botched this by-election

OPINION: Winston Peters' lead, according to the latest poll, is so formidable that he is likely to win. John Key himself thinks so.

Govt stumbles over its housing policy

OPINION: The Salvation Army's decision not to buy state houses is a serious blow - they're one of the great social agencies of the country.

Peters poised for Northland win

OPINION: The signs, the anecdotes, even the way National is framing its messages are all pointing one way.


Create a tribunal for school stoushes

Nobody would be happy if parents made a habit of challenging school disciplinary decisions in court.

That which binds us needn't rule us

No one needs rules. Rules are the refuge of the narrow mind, especially when it comes to language.

Live chat: Mark Hammett

Hurricanes coach Mark Hammett joins us for a live chat on today (Friday) from 12.45pm.