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Death unlikely to change game

OPINION: The world of cricket rightly stands aghast, but there's no need for a hasty decision on "bouncers".

John Key's worst week ever

OPINION: The Government looked cocky, arrogant and ill-discplined this week.

Migration key as growth to slump

Wellington needs to start attracting immigrants to compete with Auckland and Canterbury.

Trust not fast-tracked powers

The Government is ramming through a sweeping anti-terrorism law at great speed with almost no public consultation.

Call for world leaders to eliminate nuclear weapons

OPINION: With a seat on the United Nations Security Council now is the time for New Zealand to put its foot on the pedal for nuclear disarmament, writes former prime minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer .

Alpha males' hug says it all in Sutton affair

OPINION: The baffling sex lives of fur seals would make you flinch, just like the strange urges of human alpha males.


110kmh means greater emissions

On the government website for safe and fuel-efficient driving, the New Zealand Transport Agency urges drivers to ''travel at moderate, steady speeds and avoid high speeds as they result in greater emissions''.

Corrections' response must be measured

The public summary of the report into escaped paedophile Phillip Smith is more a litany of botches than an explanation of how they could have happened.

Live chat: Mark Hammett

Hurricanes coach Mark Hammett joins us for a live chat on today (Friday) from 12.45pm.