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Budget should be about everyone, not the fortunate few

OPINION: A Budget has to make a real difference to people's lives. And the needs today are obvious, writes Grant Robertson.

Watch US closely for what could happen here

OPINION: After some four decades of following the deregulation agenda a majority of voters in many countries have begun to wonder when they are going to get the share of the pie.

Editorial: Labour tax plans hang on buy-in

OPINION: Labour is forecasting tax increases after the next election. Its policy is deliberately vague and non-committal, but it's a useful signal. It contrasts with National's equally vague and non-committal signal about tax cuts.

Finding Trump in your family ancestry

OPINION: One way or another Donald Trump and I are linked in the great genetic daisy chain of misty isles, loud tartans, terrible food, and worse weather.

President Trump? A hair-raising thought

OPINION: Six months from now the Americans will elect Trump as president.

Too many kaka? What nonsense

OPINION: Conservation has a new frontier. Its location may surprise some New Zealanders, because it's not an isolated beach or distant alpine valley.


Williams: What housing crisis?

OPINION: This Budget shows the Government is blinded by its own poll success, says former Labour Party president Mike Williams.

Live chat: Mark Hammett

Hurricanes coach Mark Hammett joins us for a live chat on today (Friday) from 12.45pm.