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New purpose in the pipeline

Last updated 05:00 19/02/2014


PROTECTED: The damaged Guy Homestead is mostly surrounded by scaffolding wrapped in white plastic.

Simon Smith

A historic homestead damaged by an arson attack has been sold and could become a childcare centre.

A deal was struck to facilitate the sale and restoration of the Guy Homestead which sits on a grassy hill at 415 Ti Rakau Drive.

Auckland Council has allowed the 7950 square metre property to be subdivided into three.

That's allowed the removal of a longstanding encumbrance from the empty back third of the section, so it can be developed immediately.

Once the homestead on the front section is fully restored the council says it will allow development on the middle section.

A spokesman says the council wants to ensure the conservation of the homestead, first and foremost.

"It is important to note that heritage value is attached to the homestead itself rather than the land," he says.

An announcement with the "bigger picture" is expected by the end of this week, the spokesman says.

Councillor Dick Quax says it is a win-win situation for everybody.


"All I know is that it's being converted into a daycare centre or an early childhood centre, as far as I'm aware.

"I've had some involvement with it, and really it's all to do with the encumbrance that was on the property that stopped it from being sold."

The council understands the property changed ownership in mid-January to 415 Ti Rakau Limited.

Records show the company is classified as a childcare service and its sole director is Greenlane's Kuljeet Singh, who couldn't be contacted for comment.

- Eastern Courier

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