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Stream 'straightened by nature'

Farmer denies using a digger to fix a meandering stream, saying it was straightened after heavy rain.

The mall that's dying

At least half a dozen retailers have left the mall during the past two years as the once-vibrant heart of Wellington's northern suburbs bleeds customers.

The nurse who inherited $1m

Lionel Cox, 92, was suspicious of his carers, which raised serious doubts about his will.

Why teens have less respect

Why are we seeing constant challenges to school rules - be they on dress code, hair length or even suspensions?

Human flypaper for car crashes?

Google has patented technology that could see pedestrians stuck like bugs on a car when involved in vehicle collisions.

Hilary Barry's style over the years

Sometimes, the best accessory is a full case of Moet. We salute you, Hilary.


Popping pills to stay awake

Workers under pressure to stay awake for longer are turning to "smart drugs".

Dramatic refugee boat rescue

Seven migrants have died, but 500 were saved after an overcrowded barge sunk off the coast of Libya.

Love life advice from over-70s

Learn about love, relationships and the old-fashioned art of wooing from those who have been there and done that.

What causes aches and pains?

The daily occurrence of dull aches and pains is something all people experience with age.

Gold medal gardens at Chelsea

The inspiration behind the best show gardens at the world's biggest flower show may surprise you.

Should we go totally smoke free?

Ashtrays are disappearing from both inside and outside New Zealand cafes and restaurants.

Giving teen mums a chance

OPINION: Being a teenage mother is hard enough, without having to fight for a warm, safe home.

FMA says Silver Fern Farm deal OK

NZ First objects to how the Financial Markets Authority carried out its inquiry into the Silver Fern Farms-Shanghai Maling deal.

Beyonce Day declared

A US state has immortalised the day Beyonce paid a visit, declaring it "Beyonce Day" - but it hasn't gone over well.