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ABs silenced over flags

The All Backs have been banned from speaking on which flag they favour

MMA fighter issues street justice

He tried to pinch her phone, little did he know her thighs were a deadly weapon.

Offensive speech 'not made as an MP'

Maurice Williamson was not speaking as an MP during an offensive presentation made while dressed as the Greatest American Hero, the PM says.

Key softens on refugees

GRAPHIC WARNING: As devastating photos of a drowned boy bring refugee crisis into focus, PM seems to soften on quota.

NakedBus NZ served liquidation notice

Go Bus files application to put Naked Bus NZ into liquidation.

They're not migrants

OPINION: We're all on the right side of history when we think back to the people displaced by Nazi aggression. But history is repeating itself. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT.


'All I could hear was screaming'

Neighbours wake to screams and explosions as deadly blaze rips through family house.

Cathedral of light rises

Timelapse shows large and colourful inflatable artwork rise into the Christchurch skyline.

Petricevic parole challenged

Rod Petricevic walks free from prison next week, but the Sensible Sentencing Trust wants a judicial review.

Kids call for money lessons

School children think they are pretty good at managing their money. Their teachers think they are not.

Three months to grow

Entrepreneurs behind eight startups have yet to prove they can turn prototypes into saleable products.

Kiwis get early Halo 5 taste

NZ gamers will get the chance to play the latest Xbox games at an event in Auckland later this month.

A showstopping red velvet cake

This rich, vertical layered cake may look tricky, but making it is surprisingly simple.

Why parenting in spring is the best

Parents can breathe a sigh of relief; you've survived another winter of cabin fever.

Still battling Mother Nature's mess

Taranaki couple have barely started cleaning up their farm damaged in the June floods because the sodden ground is still hindering repairs.

Wig out: truly awful on-screen hair

Actors do some incredible physical work to inhabit a character. Or they can opt for a wig.

Safety buffer law 'not helpful'

Often it is impractical, impossible or dangerous to have a 1.5m gap around cyclists. A law won't change that.

NZ's record may be over

Shearer of a very woolly Aussie sheep believes he's smashed Big Ben's world record fleece.

Dagg is down, but not out

Unwanted All Black hasn't given up on international career and plans to fight his way back into the side next season.