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Kiwi mother grieves son's IS death

A New Zealand mother is grieving the death of her son after he died fighting for the Islamic State in Syria.

What Tony Abbott's scull means

OPINION: In less than 10 seconds, Tony Abbott asserted his blokedom - and took Australia backwards.

Auckland America's Cup axing confirmed

Government "at the end of the road" over Team New Zealand funding with Bermuda regatta confirmed, PM John Key says.

ED staff pin down crazed druggies

Police take four violent patients to Wellington Hospital for sedation after they tripped out on fake acid.

Cruden injury threatens World Cup plans

Aaron Cruden’s rugby year could be over as knee injury suffered against Crusaders suspected to be serious.

'We felt like hostages'

US passengers were stuck in a 'sweaty, foul-smelling plane' because the airline refused to pay $95


Teen's Tourette's mission

Katelin Cox has Tourette Syndrome and is on a crusade to stop the bullying she had to endure throughout her childhood.

Disney stock rises on Star Wars trailer

Analysts are picking that the new Star Wars movie will tuck in behind Avatar and Titanic - the top two box office movies in history.

700 feared dead after migrant boat sinks

As many as 700 people are feared dead after a boat capsized off the Libyan coast as rescuers approached.

Inflation headed for 15-year low

Falling fuel prices may see annual inflation drop to a new 15-year low in figures due out this week.

Could these change your life?

Are these the must-have gadgets of the year - or a sign of technology gone mad?

He has to be seen to be believed

They were discussing street harassment, and this guy took it as an opportunity to go ahead and harass.

Hunting for a family home only

After months of no success, this Auckland family changed tactics - and The One was swiftly found.

Ten foods that are easy to DIY

Buying staples like stock and mayo doesn't make sense when they are so simple to make yourself.

Tighter controls needed for toddler's tongue tie ops

When her son Alex's weight stalled at three months, mum Jules Hyde suspected he might have a "tongue-tie".

Pork industry under siege

Pork lovers take note - the chances of being able to eat New Zealand-farmed pork are diminishing.

X Factor: Scraping the barrel

Sunday’s theme for the X Factor was celebrity choice but who the show managed to recruit was poor.

Airline unveils Star Wars-themed plane

Maybe it's no Millennium Falcon, but All Nippon Airways is bringing a little Star Wars to the skies.

Answers to Phoenix questions

Both sides of the Tasman would be devastated to see the Phoenix removed from the A-League.

Readers' pics of the week

This week's travel photo entries range from the Angor Wat to the snowfields of Japan.

Cyclone 'will bring major event'

Vanuatu's cargo cults are watching keenly and triumphantly as aid flows into cyclone-hit country.

Most blatant badge engineered cars

What happens when car companies try to save on development costs in creating a "new" design?

McCaw defends slow start

All Blacks captain says he isn’t coasting and there is no need to be concerned about his slow start in World Cup year.