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$500 to burn it down

Man allegedly recruited daughter's boyfriend to burn down his factory, telling him where to set the fire.

'Drug mule' in crash

A passenger in a fleeing car 'flicked' by police into another car had allegedly smuggled drugs internally.

Hollywood star for Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson is saying goodbye to Middle-earth, but he'll always have a place in Hollywood.

Ferguson braces for the worst

Schools to close in fear of a backlash over decision on whether to indict cop who killed a teen.

Judith Collins cleared

Minister discussed ex-SFO boss with right-wing blogger but was not involved in a smear campaign against him.

Red-carpet fashion: The AMA edition

JLo defies the laws of space and time while Frankie J Grande redefines a nightmare.


'More sick than bad'

Porirua man who tried to kill a pregnant woman with a knife sentenced to six years and six months in jail.

Train usage on the rise

Rising demand during peak periods has Auckland’s diesel trains bursting at the seams.

Boy with fake gun dies

A 12-year-old died from his wounds after being shot by a police officer in Cleveland.

Prepare early for death of spouse

Women can be hard financially hit when their husband dies, especially if they haven't managed the family finances before.

What will Santa bring?

Santa's sleigh is going to be bulging with board games, action figures and life-like robot animals.

From hobby to business

A couple who moved from Paris to Hastings are bringing the old world to the new, one shipping container at a time.

Avian dating sim for PS4

Bizarre avian dating sim/visual novel Hatoful Boyfriend is coming to PlayStation.

Are beards over?

With summer nearly here, there are plenty of reasons to pick up a razor. Here's a few.

Carbs worse than fat?

Saturated fats have long been seen as the devil, but they're catching a break in a new study.

'Dirty' dairy farmer in receivership

Troubled dairy farmer in receivership after racking up nearly $200,000 in legal debts.

Max Key makes DJ debut

PM's son to make DJ debut, as one half of a music duo with a Marxist-flavoured name.

Passenger lost at sea

Elderly man's missing, feared to have gone overboard, on a cruise from Auckland to Sydney.

Smith 'star of the tour'

While small in stature, Aaron Smith commands respect, Saimone Taumoepeau writes.

$1 joints for high holidays

America's biggest shopping day "Black Friday" takes on a green tinge in Colorado as marijuana sellers slash prices.

Kiwis hate loud, smelly tourists

Almost a third of Kiwi flyers think smelly passengers are more annoying than naughty kids, a survey finds.

Log Ness Monster?

After 18 months without a sighting, there's been a recent spate of reports of mysterious beasts emerging from the waters of Loch Ness.

Txting a top distraction

Nearly half of young drivers send text messages while driving, a survey on driver distractions has found.

Boult breaks into world's top 10

Black Caps paceman moves up to No 10 in new ICC rankings ahead of tomorrow's third test against Pakistan.