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Bomb scare on plane

Police are still trying to find the passenger who left a note about a bomb on a plane in Queenstown. 

Mobster 'Fats' wants to be fit

The Lower Hutt gang member does not want his 11 children to see him die early from diabetes.

Wellington gets a hammering

Roads, beaches and seawalls have all been engulfed by massive waves north of the capital.

5 years of heartache

The family of a NZ-born teen killed in the 2011 Norway massacre says her legacy of hope and generosity lives on.

'I gargled paint stripper'

If an accidental poisoning can happen to a minister, it can happen to toddlers, Nick Smith says. 

'Gutting': Blackadder on loss

Losing to the Lions in the Super Rugby quarterfinal wasn't how Todd Blackadder wanted it to end.


Sex attack near university

Security increased after man pulled young woman to the ground as she walked alone through Christchurch's Ilam Fields at night.

Four killed in Texas shooting

Four people, including a child, are dead after a gunman opened fire at a Texas apartment complex.

Reserve Bank mandate 'broken'

The Reserve Bank needs the ability to focus on more than just inflation, says Labour.

How a donut ruined my Paleo diet

She was a devoted follower of the Paleo diet, until trans fats and sprinkles got in the way.

At my place: Anna Reeve

Former model and Alopecia ambassador Anna Reeve talks about her Grey Lynn home.

Double Down disappointment

KFC Double Down burger the size of a child's toy car leaves woman with bad taste in her mouth.

Hundreds of bee hives stolen

Beehive owners stung by theft of one million bees in Northland, with a warning such thefts are on the up.

Five cringe-worthy celeb endorsements

Sometimes it would be better for politicians if famous, and not so famous, people didn't try to show their support.

No locker? Rip your own

A passenger on a flight to Bangkok had a novel (and destructive) solution to his overhead locker needs.

'I'm sick, not unemployable'

I want to work but I cannot find a job. It's been eight years. I'm utterly desperate.

False scents of security

 Even the ripest of big city smells can act like a security blanket when your travel essentials go awol.

Labour leader 'Stuart' Little?

 The new face of the Labour Party leadership is small, furry and named Stuart.

Kiwis 'inconsiderate' drivers

You can't break the law, but how do you get past that idiot who only speeds up for the passing lanes?

End of era for Blackadder

Mistakes cost the Crusaders dearly in the loss to the Lions in their Super Rugby quarterfinal match.