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One dead in Akld crash

Man dies after car driven by a teenage relative crosses centre line and collides with a truck.

Japan gets nod for Super team

Sanzar has confirmed Japan as its "preferred location" for an 18th Super Rugby team from 2016.

Tokoroa police probe bullying

Police investigate after a teen repeatedly targeted by bullies suffered a fractured skull.

Diplomat heads to NZ

Malaysian diplomat accused of Wgtn assault flies to NZ from Kuala Lumpur to face court here.

What? No Shorty?

There was alarm and disbelief at the absence of Shortland Street on TV screens tonight, but fans need not panic.

Labour weekend traffic easing

Traffic flows on major routes round Auckland and Wellington as Labour weekend begins, but one Cook Strait ferry cancelled.


Charges over deaths

Dunedin police have charged an unidentified Milton man over a crash that killed two people on the city's southern motorway in May.

Manawatu win NPC champ

Turbos are premiership bound after coming from behind to beat Hawke's Bay 32-24 tonight.

'Dead' hearts transplanted

In a world first, Australian surgeons say they have used hearts which had stopped beating in successful transplants.

Failures were predictable

Hindsight is a fine thing, but warning signs foretold the mess finance companies got into in the financial crisis.

Home loan hikes further off

In good news for borrowers, short-term interest rates are likely to say on hold for another year, with the inflation genie well corked for now.

Anger over Cantina comments

Self-styled business guru in charge of a failed restaurant leaves angry creditors in her wake.

Fresh, but bare, formula

Civilization: Beyond Earth makes for a promising start, but isn't as fleshed out as predecessors.

Did a Kiwi win Project Runway?

Sean Kelly won fans in US reality fashion show Project Runway, but did he win big?

Four treadmill don'ts

Runners seem to be embarrassed by these pieces of running machinery, but they shouldn't be.

6 cleaning non-negotiables

Hanging around home this long weekend? It'd pay to put these on your to-do list.

Droving bylaw fight

Council asked to ''get out of farmers' hair'' over bylaw proposal that will require permits for the frequent movement of livestock.

Jim Hickey hangs up his umbrella

As weathercaster Jim Hickey announces his retirement, a look at some of his best moments.

Boston is beautiful

We're not bored of timelapses but layer-lapse videos are an extremely impressive form of the craft.

Top five reader comments

From flagons of port to burgers washed down with chocolate milk, our readers' health is questionable.

True blue Borderlands

Fair dinkum, it's Borderlands: Aussie Edition. This game's heading straight to the pool room.

Dwarf stripper gets bride pregnant

Spanish bride-to-be confesses to cheating with a dwarf stripper on her hens night after she gave birth to a baby with dwarfism.

Keep calm and drive on

Red stripes appear on Auckland's roads, alarming locals. But what are they for?

Manawatu win NPC champ

Turbos are premiership bound after coming from behind to beat Hawke's Bay 32-24 tonight.