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TPPA tips over

In welcome news for Kiwi dairy farmers, Trans Pacific Partnership talks in Hawaii have failed.

Zuckerberg's news tinged with grief

Facebook boss shares brutally honest post about pregnancy in the hope it will help others through dark periods.

Airline: It's MH370

Malaysia Airlines says it's confident the wreckage found on Reunion and now being analysed in France is from the doomed flight.

Snapper ripped off online

Jade Cvetkov thought the money her mother left her would fulfil a dream, but it bought her only heartbreak.

Plane overshoots, nosedives, explodes

Private jet crashes into parked cars while trying to land, killing members of Osama bin Laden's family.

Ride-by for Connor

The Head Hunters gang have staged a tribute ride a year after the death of member Connor Morris.


ISIS kills seven Libyan soldiers

Seven Libyan soldiers were killed on Friday when Islamic State militants stormed a checkpoint.

Celeb chef owes creditors $1.6m

Chef Jo Seagar's defunct cooking school and cafe owes creditors more than $1.6 million.

More firms drop opt-out pricing

Jetstar increasingly isolated in requiring consumers to untick a box to avoid paying for extras.

Reusable coffee cup a winner

A revolutionary new coffee cup made in Motueka has won two major awards in as many months.

Fourteen million now on Windows 10

Microsoft says its new operating system is now running on more than 14 million computers across the world.

Sydney penthouse sells for $24m

A Sydney hotelier's rags to riches story has culminated in the sale of his penthouse for $24.3m.

What to make on a cold day

Winter gives you free rein to indulge, so make the most of it with this ginger pudding and spiced hot chocolate.

Three truths about C-section mums

I see a certain type of birth held up as ideal, and in my work I capture many that would fit the standard.

Westland lowers dairy payout

West Coast farmers are coming to grips with their dairy co-operative removing $1 from its 2015-16 payout forecast.

Tom Cruise's no-go zone

OPINION: When it comes to interviewing Tom Cruise, Scientology is the elephant in the room.

Magic Indonesian moments

Arriving on Flores, I know that this is exactly where I need to be right now.

Flag 'an opportunity for NZ'

This time, let's get it right. Let's award ourselves a world class flag we can fly with pride, John Ansell writes.

Five years without a body to bury

The story of the Pike River disaster has been told by the women left behind. PHILIP MATTHEWS reports.

Readers' travel photos of the week

Our travel photo entries this week take us from the summit of Mt Fujisan in Japan to a fish market in Myanmar.

No, it's not a UFO

It's a lenticular - relax, that doesn't mean we can expect little green men. Most likely.

GLC key for Mercedes-Benz

You’re looking at the vehicle that could help to take Mercedes-Benz to luxury car leadership in NZ next year. Meet the GLC.

Fenech: Tupou to fight Parker like 'The Hulk'

Kiwi heavyweight is about to learn what it feels like to be hit by the Hulk, boxing hall of famer Jeff Fenech says.