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Kidnap suspect flees

A man arrested over an alleged violent kidnapping of a woman has escaped police custody.

Driveway death plea

Safety groups issue urgent warning after a spate of child deaths in NZ.

Marshall, Blues agree release

Benji Marshall admits he never grasped the technical aspects of rugby and doubted his ability.

'Indecent acts' in the classroom

Auckland schoolteacher charged with committing "indecent acts" in his classroom.

Assault on former All Black alleged

Two men are charged with assault with intent to injure former All Black Justin Marshall.

Veteran NZ guide backs sherpas

Veteran NZ hiking guide slams the "plans of wealthy white men", saying they are insignificant compared with the loss of 13 sherpas on Mt Everest.


Jail for torture trio

Trio tortured teen by burning circles on his body, shaving his head and sticking him with pins.

She's not good at everything

We thought Gisele Bundchen was superhuman but, well, she can't sing ...

Prince Charles at Gallipoli?

Prince Charles tipped to attend the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli landings in 2015.

Kiwi gets a boost

NZ dollar jumps against the aussie after soft data casts doubt on rate rises across the Tasman.

Not ready for $5 coffee

If the prospect of a price rise has you spluttering into your latte, you can try to keep the cost down.

Kiwi XP use drops

Trade Me says the proportion of its visitors using Windows XP computers has dipped below 10 per cent for the first time.

In-built burnout mode

Ford's upcoming Mustang features an industry-first performance feature: burnout mode.

More star cameos for Girls

A popular songstress and a controversial model are in talks to appear on Girls. Can you guess who they are?

Worth the splurge

Want to get more bang for your travel buck? Here's a few ways to consider.

Anzac Day: The touchstone

For Bart Couprie attending Anzac Day Dawn Parades as a child set him on a path of service and honour.

The rapper of the moment

His new album 'Honest' puts Future well and truly at the centre of the hip-hop universe.

Kiwis gather in Turkey

Australian and New Zealand voices are beginning to invade Backpacker Street in Istanbul.

Exports down, value up

The value of New Zealand's lamb exports rose 11 per cent in the first half of the 2013-14 year, despite fewer lambs.

Parker gets ringside seat

Joseph Parker got his hands on the world heavyweight belts - and a taste of the bizarre circus surrounding them.

Paid to have fun

This guy's job pays him to have as much fun in Australia as possible.