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Boxer Shane Cameron to retire after loss

Kiwi's boxing career ended with a unanimous loss to Kali Meehan in Auckland.

MH370: 'Who took it?'

The head of the world's biggest airline Emirates believes we are being kept in the dark about the fate of missing flight MH370.

Family shocked over gruesome death

Family and friends are gathering at the Napier home of a father-of-four who was found dead, shoved into a chilly bin in Australia.

Woman rides jet ski on motorway

A woman on a jet ski being towed by a truck along an Auckland motorway has been called ''stupid".

A killer snowstorm sweeps in

More than a dozen people are dead after the worst snowstorm in New York's memory.


The Stones may be older but they've still got it - leather jackets, ripped jeans and real rock.


Cyclist badly hurt in fall

A cyclist has been critically injured falling from his bike during a cycle club event.

Meehan impresses in win

"Job done" Kali Meehan said as he embraced son Willis after a dominant Super 8 win.

Rape claims 'fantastical'

For 90 minutes at least, Bill Cosby took the stage and regained the revered status he long enjoyed.

Eric the viking

For someone who doesn't like interviews, businessman Eric Watson is effusive and charming.

Jeweller eyes expansion

A desire to make heirloom pieces with a modern twist propelled Invercargill's Rebecca Adams into the export fast lane.

Review: Far Cry 4

If you liked what you saw in Far Cry 3, you'll be blown away by what's on offer in the latest installment of Ubisoft's exotic exploration game.

Could you shut up for 48 hours?

We’ve all been guilty of talking too much at some point and if you’re shaking your head, you’re probably lying.

Banking on a baby

Among urban women in their 30s, freezing is trending. But those eggs offer no guarantees.

$33m for Bacall's NY home

Hollywood siren Lauren Bacall's lavish 19th century New York apartment has been put on the market for $33 million.

Community gets in behind

It was supposed to be a reconciliation but a Waikato community instead vented its frustrations on a farmer's behalf at a restorative justice meeting.

Five great films by Mike Nichols

Director Mike Nichols leaves behind an impressive body of work in cinema. Here are five films to get you started.

A spa resort on steroids

Achieving zen is possible in a China resort that can process 4000 guests in a single weekend.

Checking skin you can't see

When it comes to skin cancer, John Speed has learnt the value of getting properly checked out.

How to all get on

With the festive season looming it seems appropriate to discuss the dynamics of group situations.

NZers are loners: study

Despite our uber-friendly reputation with the rest of the world, we Kiwis wish we had more mates.

Pooh: you hermaphrodite you

A small Polish town is trying to redefine everyone's favourite bear as a dangerous nudist.

Wellington bids for NRL team

A bid for a second New Zealand NRL team based in Wellington has been officially launched.