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Wild weekend ahead

A grim forecast of gales and heavy rain for the next few days is set to blight weekend plans for people around the country.

Victim wants name known

The victim of an indecent act is at the centre of a legal battle to name a well-known Otago man.

Transport project overhauled

Auckland's top transport project has been overhauled to save the debt-ridden city almost $500 million.

Southland sign deaf player

Morgan Mitchell plays a quiet game on the rugby field, using his lip reading skills where possible.

Criminal privacy breach

Personal documents and addresses found in city streets were stored at the top of a car park building.

Overseas trio get land back

An Israeli billionaire family and an ocean explorer can buy back land sold to a developer.


Court verdict shocks

The parents of a teenager killed in Oamaru four years ago are dumbfounded and outraged over a High Court verdict.

Bieber taunts Bloom

Justin Bieber has posted an image on Instagram of Orlando Bloom crying.

Party leaders give up alcohol

Dry July might be over, but political party leaders are giving up booze until after the election.

Lucky 13th gold at Games

After years of podium heartbreak, cyclist Linda Villumsen finally feels like a genuine winner.

Covering up mental illness

A healthworker alleges Australia is covering up mental illness in asylum-seeker children.

Health insurance with a twist

Sovereign will effectively pay its customers' health insurance if they choose not to claim, opting for public system instead.

South African insurer opens doors

South African insurer Youi has started selling house, contents and car cover over the internet in New Zealand.

Tech firms get Branson bump

Kiwis behind The Mind Lab and Littlelot jetting off to Sir Richard Branson's Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Beyond the Fables

Two themes run strongly throughout Telltale's The Wolf Among Us: disparity and justice.

The week's best & worst dressed

Lots of sternum, hairy dresses and haute maternity wear make up just some of the highs and lows.

You know you want it

Singer Robin Thicke and his estranged wife Paula Patton have put their Los Angeles pad up for sale.

Fragile beauty

Christchurch teenager Maya Payne is attracting international attention with her music.

The three dangers of duty free

Do I need a triple pack of giant-sized Toblerone? A palette of eyeshadow colours I'll never wear?

Life of the walking dead

Katy Stonyer always warns people about narcolepsy but they don't get it till they see her collapse.

I'm a painful travel nerd

There's a fear for all travellers when you come home from an amazing experience.

An inspiring place to visit

Bosnia has faced hardship and heartbreak, but the spirit of the nation will make anyone a big fan.

Jaguar unleashes F-Type

An "intimidating" sports car was trailed by helicopter searchlights through Auckland streets last night.

Lucky 13th gold at Games

After years of podium heartbreak, cyclist Linda Villumsen finally feels like a genuine winner.