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SBW wants to walk the walk for Welliver fight

Trash talking is not yet part of Sonny Bill Williams' pre-fight game with Chauncy Welliver.

Air NZ in hot water over pricing

Airline being investigated over alleged "drip pricing" tactics, such as adding insurance on an opt-out basis.

Tourist convicted

Man who left a hard drive with over 50,000 child abuse images on it at Wellington airport sentenced in UK.

Jockey Williams rushed to hospital after fall

Jockey Kylie Williams has been rushed to hospital after being knocked unconscious this evening.

State house sale plan slammed

National's social housing plan about looking after "private developer mates" says Labour.

Craft beer demand froths over

Wellington micro breweries struggle to fill orders as Auckland's penchant for craft beer sends demand skyward.


Sean Plunket stands by calling Catton a 'hua'

RadioLive host Sean Plunket has clarified exactly what he meant when he called Eleanor Catton an "ungrateful hua".

Japan PM: threat 'despicable'

Japan is trying to win release of Islamic State hostage Kenji Goto, who has said he only has hours left to live.

NZ Super Fund posts bumper return

Super fund beats its benchmark with a 13.9 per cent annual return, but more muted earnings are on the horizon.

Prenuptials on the rise

It's true that negotiating a contract isn't exactly a romantic experience, but it can be worth it in the long run.

Apple Watch available from April

Apple's smartwatch will go on sale in April though it is still unclear when Kiwis will be able to buy one.

10 worst celebrity Photoshop fails

Kate's Woman's Day cover is just the latest in a long history of magazines doing a bad job of photoshopping their covers.

You won't guess what made her sick

Swollen ankles and fatigue led her to ER - the cause of her malady is almost unbelievable.

Strange platform explained

Is it a landing pad for Batman, or perhaps a time-travel portal to another dimension?

NZ farms eyed as 'boltholes' for world's super rich

Are NZ farms being snapped up by the world's super-rich as boltholes to escape growing anger over financial inequality?

Catton showed 'bad form' say Book Awards

Eleanor Catton showed "bad form" by speaking out against the New Zealand Book Awards, its organiser says.

Plane passengers stuck in blizzard

Disgruntled passengers trapped at airport during New York snowstorm were even less impressed when all they got was a $15 McDonald's voucher.

You inspired us today, thanks!

An honest account of parenting a child with special needs prompted an outpouring of support.

The weird afterlife of banned items

To the traveller forced to surrender his cricket bat at a US airport security checkpoint: I have located it.

Hijabs and hospitality

Iran is a destination with more to offer than you might think - you just have to ask, writes Mike O'Connor.

'Dead' cat claws himself out of grave

His owner thought Bart was a goner, but five days after being buried this fearless feline clawed his way home.

Custom motorcycle maker loses money on all models

They're custom-built motorcycles for stars like Orlando Bloom, Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen but the company loses money on each one.