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TPPA agreement expected

Trade ministers are expected to announce sign off on the biggest free trade deal in a generation.

Kiwi hero caught in floods

24-year-old rushed to rescue an elderly couple from their caravan during the deadly French Riviera floods.

Toni Street's private health battle

Seven Sharp host Toni Street has spoken out about the auto-immune disease she and her young family are learning to live with.

Landfill battle forces neighbours offshore

Debris from buildings demolished after the quakes is being dumped in a once idyllic pocket of North Canterbury, residents say.

'I would not be here without him'

Rescue chopper pilot prosecuted after saving couple's lives while banned from flying.

England face fine for interview snub

Ousted RWC hosts could be hit in the pocket after failing to meet post-match media requirements.


Blackouts as more wind to hit

More high winds to follow weekend gales, as hundreds of homes remain without power.

Ireland book quarterfinal spot

Ireland far from convincing in their first real test of World Cup, squeezing past Italy 16-9 in London.

Plane door opens mid-flight

Recording of the moment a pilot declared an emergency after plane door broke off mid-flight

Flash floods kill 16 on French Riviera

Three elderly people drown in a retirement home as two months of rain falls in two hours.

The week in celebrity Instagrams

Katy Perry plays the pan pipes, Lena and Hillary snap a selfie, and one candid proves even supermodels can take a bad shot.

Foods to make your skin look healthy

Dr Libby, New Zealand's favourite wellbeing expert, answers readers' questions about their health and wellbeing.

How I learned to love beige

It gets a bad rap on the home interior front, but when done well, you'd be surprised at how not-at-all boring it is.

Men left behind in IVF debate

If virgin women can become mothers, maybe we're ready for genuine equality for men in the parenting debate.

Aussie shearer wins sixth merino champs

Australian champion Damien Boyle is contesting a sixth consecutive win in New Zealand's only fine wool shearing championship this weekend.

Recap: The Block NZ room reveal

We take a look at all the drama of the first room reveal on The Block NZ: Villa Wars.

Don't look down!

Thrillseekers are flocking to a new bridge in Germany that provides dizzying views of the canyon below.

'Fear makes for good profits'

Many say Americans have a love affair with guns but Mike Buckley thinks it's an abusive relationship.

Rumbling through the Rockies

"In the event of an emergency, please remain seated, stop screaming and follow our instructions."

Mexico by bus

Need tips on getting around a foreign country? Email your travel questions to us.

VW calls board meeting as it faces crisis

Volkswagen's board will hold an extraordinary meeting as it faces its worst crisis in 78 years.

ABs praise Wallabies

All Blacks impressed by win over England but refuse to let focus drift to a possible World Cup clash with Wallabies.