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PM denies spyware use

John Key flatly denies suggestions NZ installed controversial spyware to collect data from the Southern Cross cable.

Air NZ quiet on 'drunk' claims

Claims that Honolulu crew were "trashed" and wouldn't have been able to fly even if plane was airworthy.

14-year-old boys flee in car

Two boys fled police in a stolen car, driving for about 30km before getting caught.

Blackadder gets a shot at history

Todd Blackadder has a chance to go where no man has gone before him in Super Rugby.

Dream property now nightmare

Auckland couple say their new apartment is uninhabitable thanks to internal pillars they weren't warned about.

'Iconic slice of NZ' sold

The Chinese firm that bought the Crafar farms has signed a conditional deal for another large block.


Mum sentenced for drowning

Grandmother of drowned toddler says the convicted mother lives with "pain and hurt" every day.

Explosion rips streets apart

Video captures moment of gas explosion in Taiwan that killed at least 24 and injured 271.

Banks: I will appeal

John Banks says he has "unimpeachable, watertight" evidence to exonerate him as he's sentenced over donations.

More Games medals beckon

With a busy athletics schedule ahead, there's every chance NZ's Games team could crack the half-century.

Sitting on a fortune

The outlook for a handful of tankers holding some $300 million worth of Kurdish oil is not looking good.

No parole for Petricevic

Jailed finance company fraudster poses an "undue risk to the safety of the community".

Kids' lunch trend explodes

Parents who buy fancy school lunch gear say it's worth it as it lasts longer than disposable items.

Dentists offer free 100 fillings

Hamilton husband and wife team hope to put smiles back on 100 deserving faces.

Nasa reveals 2020 Mars rover

Successor to Curiosity to include a include a super-laser and stereo vision.

Kim K's makeup free selfie

Rarer than the bikini selfie and far, far rarer than the duckface selfie - behold Kim Kardashian minus the warpaint.

Inside Reese Witherspoon's home

The star's five bedroom gated community mansion shows that being Legally Blonde pays off.

How much are our bees worth?

Bees are worth $5.1 billion to the New Zealand economy each year, but all is not well with them.

Bogan doco gets green light

First he got $100,00 to study bogans, now there's another $300,000 for a TV documentary on his work.

Global snapshots

Here's a round up of some of the top travel photos from around the world.

Top five reader comments

Breastfeeding selfies, toddler tantrums and hating on A-listers make for a bubbling cauldron of comments.

Heart leads with soul

Vicki Anderson talks to pioneering rock chick, Ann Wilson, of '70s band Heart.

An inspiring place to visit

Bosnia has faced hardship and heartbreak, but the spirit of the nation will make anyone a big fan.

A bit of gross on the side

Whether it was intentional, as a dare or a barf-making accident, tell us about the grossest thing you've eaten.

Jaguar unleashes F-Type

An "intimidating" sports car was trailed by helicopter searchlights through Auckland streets last night.

Hooper adds a little spice

A no-show by Waratahs captain Michael Hooper for a photo session has cranked-up the tension.