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Woman found dead in Dunedin

A man has been arrested after a woman was found dead in a Dunedin house, police say.

Vilagrad food and wine fuels community spirit

Rubble from an early morning fire that ravaged the century old Vilagrad Winery in Ngahinapouri is being cleared for a new era and a reopening in October.

Tramper found near Thames

A personal locator beacon helped teams find a missing tramper in Coromandel bush.

Big-ticket scalpers cash in

Big rewards for some auctioning off Super Rugby final tickets - and a bit of fun for others.

'A tragic, terrible accident'

Ashburton mother Cindy George and her three young children could have died up to a week ago, police say.

Shark feast caught on camera

Footage shows sharks feeding on a dead whale just off the NSW coast.


Windy night for Wellington

A windy night hit Wellington, with calm weather forecast for the weekend.

Solar-powered plane breaks record

A Swiss man attempting to circumnavigate the globe with an aircraft powered only by the sun's energy has broken a world record for the longest non-stop solo flight.

Organic wines pass quality test

Organic wines are as good quality and yields similar to conventional wines, study shows

The bride who forgot her wedding

Weeks after Justice married Jeremy, an accident left her with no memory of it - so he plans to marry her all over again.

It's normal not to be happy

Living in a world where there's an overemphasis on being happy 24/7 can actually have just the opposite effect.

Auckland homes sold quickly

More than one in five properties in Auckland are sold within two years of purchase, a government analysis has found.

Message in a bottle: "Help me"

Customers fear for the wellbeing of factory workers after a concerning message pops up on soft drink bottle-top.

Meat reform resolution non-binding on SFF board

Silver Fern Farms board could ignore moves forcing it to examine the benefits and risks of a merger with the Alliance Group.

The world's scariest hotel room?

A transparent room on the side of a cliff is the ultimate stay for thrill-seekers.

Top five reader comments

It must be fashion Friday as two topics dominate - Matt Damon's new 'do' and best and worst dressed celebs.

Fillings, grit solve 71-year-old mystery

He was deep in a pit on a Pacific island when he heard the words his family had waited for so long: "Gold."

Readers' travel pics of the week

This week's travel photo entries take us from the Canadian Rockies to a sunset in Spain.

Robson: Canes season heck of a ride

OPINION: There has been something special about the Hurricanes this season, and not just the results.