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Toddler vigilance urged

Education ministry staff treating Dunedin case of wandering toddler with extreme seriousness.

Man pulled meat hook from face

A man who spent 90 minutes with a meat hook stuck in his head eventually pulled it out himself.

Get ready for the twerking

Celebrity wild child Miley Cyrus is to perform in New Zealand for the first time.

Over a century of living

The world's oldest man, newly named, and the world's oldest woman both live in Japan.

Treaty plan on the move

Stalled project to shift the Treaty of Waitangi a few hundred metres up the road is resuming.

First... and last honour

Arts professor Jonathan Mane-Wheoki is preparing to die and knows the honour he received today is unique.


Suicide numbers fall

Fewer Kiwis committed suicide in 2013 but the figure remains "stubbornly high".

Humbled by top honour

The man awarded the country's highest honour says he has never thought of himself as "something extraordinary".

Probe over spy papers

Watchdog to investigate why blogger Cameron Slater was given SIS papers refused to reporters. | More Whaledumping

Why Ferguson exploded

The isolated corner of Ferguson where Michael Brown was killed had become a tinderbox for crime.

More bank fee suits filed

Fair Play on Fees lawsuits against Westpac and BNZ at the High Court join action against ANZ and Kiwibank.

The best age to get kids saving

Kids are more willing and able to learn good money habits than parents think.

Putting safety first

A Cromwell duo has a solution for adventure tourism operators who face "enforcement action" if they do not comply with new legislation.

Iyengar, yoga guru, dies

Indian yoga guru B.K.S. Iyengar, who helped popularise yoga around the world and authored 17 books on the subject, has died at age 95. 

10 amazing Auckland kitchens

If these kitchens don't inspire you to whip up something spectacular to eat, then we don't know what will.

China needs more NZ milk

New Zealand is well placed to take advantage of a big jump in Chinese milk imports by 2020, a report says.

'We're his damn kids'

Mara Wilson, the little girl who played Robin Williams' daughter in Mrs Doubtfire, has penned a sweet tribute.

Life is the key lesson

Why study abroad? To feel yourself changing while still holding on to who you are.

Brad Thorn: top comments

"Anyone that can still be playing competitive rugby at 40 should have their DNA cloned."

Life is the key lesson

Why study abroad? To feel yourself changing while still holding on to who you are.

A Lot of Kiwi connections

It’s funny where you meet Kiwis... Even in a small, lightly populated village in south-west France.

A home turned cat hospice

It's hard to fathom just how many slowly dying cats live in this woman's eight-room apartment.

Baby Azaria car on display

Museum buys car of the Kiwi at the centre of the "that dingo's got my baby" case.

Shaking off the 'c' and 'f' words

Wallabies hooker Nathan Charles was grateful his post-match chat with Keven Mealamu did not concern his health.