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A walking stick driver

Disabled man stopped by police in south Auckland and they noticed him using an unusual driving aid.

Smashing: NZ's Island of Origin

Non test-playing Black Caps to play in new domestic T20 clash between North and South Island teams.

Tried to pay with photocopied $20s

Man admits forgery after being caught trying to use homemade bank notes at supermarket.

Gunshots and shouting

Neighbours woken by shooting and dogs barking when police call-out escalated. | 'Arm all cops'

Two eggs are better than one

When Invercargill woman Mary Wyering cracked open an egg, she got more than she bargained for.

Hollywood A-lister unrecognisable

It feels a bit mean to comment on it, but well, it's undeniable: she doesn't even look like herself.


Beating was 'impulse'

Teen who boasted about beating a man beyond recognition says it was an "impulsive decision".

Paralysed man walks again

A paralysed man can walk again after a revolutionary treatment hailed as "more impressive than walking on the moon".

Now English seek 'devolution'

Many English are irked by what many see as a sweetheart deal for the Scots that will come at England's expense.

Job fairs target Kiwis in Aus

The Government is wasting no time in attempting to lure skilled New Zealanders back home.

Beware the interest-only loan

As many as one in four homeowners are simply treading water on their mortgage repayments.

$500k for CloudCannon

Dunedin web software company gets backing from big name investors and a major US partner.

The hoverboard is finally real

Prototype hovers using a magnetic field, just like the one in Back to the Future, but there are catches.

This fashion spread is disturbing...

Cult style magazine 'Interview' has gone a step too far with a editorial shoot depicting 'pretty wasted' models.

Should you skip breakfast?

Once regarded as the most important meal of the day, a new study suggests forgoing brekkie could help tackle obesity.

6 award-winning interiors

Proof that New Zealander's can achieve great interior design, here are six award-winning spaces.

Drought sweat on again

Double whammy fears grow of a drought combined with a forecasted low milk payout.

Octagon of Solace in Dunedin

Villains can't nail down James Bond, but two Dunedin teens have managed to get the job done.

High in the Himalayas

We crossed the Thorung La Pass after a gruelling trek. Death had missed us by two days.

Surviving on student finances

Your student years are a flash in the pan, writes Frank Wielemaker, here's how to survive them.

High in the Himalayas

We crossed the Thorung La Pass after a gruelling trek. Death had missed us by two days.

The spider of your nightmares

Here's something to keep you awake at night - imagine coming across an arachnid the size of a puppy. Piotr Naskrecki did just that.

Edge added to ute battle

Toyota prepares to fend off the Ford Ranger challenge in this year's ute sales battle with new value-added weapons called Edge.

'Celebrity' hurts Wallabies

Inflated egos in Australian rugby keeping Wallabies a step behind NZ, Robbie Deans says.